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At Soracom, we believe that partnerships grow together through the power of collaboration. Join the Soracom Partner Space and be part of a growing ecosystem, building the future of IoT.

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Soracom Recommended Partners

Together we innovate, grow and succeed. Browse a broad range of different partners certified by the Soracom Partner Space for building and scaling your IoT application.

  • Banyan Hills Technologies

    Banyan Hills Technologies

    Banyan Hills Technologies is an innovative software company founded in 2013. Canopy(TM) is Banyan’s connectivity platform...

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    VOLANSYS - ACL digital company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. It enables OEMs, Enterprises,...

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  • Edge Impulse

    Edge Impulse

    Edge Impulse is the first fully integrated machine learning platform for smart and secure edge...

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  • Digi-Key Electronics

    Digi-Key Electronics

    Digi-Key Electronics, headquartered in Thief River Falls, Minn., USA, is recognized as both the leader...

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  • Charge Analytics

    Charge Analytics

    Charge Analytics IoT solutions are built on the power of data. Our engineering teams work...

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  • Ubidots


    Ubidots is an Application Enablement Platform for companies without the time or energy to build...

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  • Gosuncnwelink Technology Co., Ltd

    Gosuncnwelink Technology Co., Ltd

    GosuncnWelink Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Gosuncn) is an IoT company under the Gosuncn...

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  • Astrocast


    Astrocast SA operates a leading global nanosatellite IoT network, offering services in industries such as...

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  • ThingsMatrix


    ThingsMatrix is an experienced IoT solutions provider with a thorough understanding of an enterprise’s needs...

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  • CSS Electronics

    CSS Electronics

    CSS Electronics supplies 3,000+ companies across 100+ countries. Applications include telematics, development & diagnostics, while...

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  • Teltonika Networks

    Teltonika Networks

    Teltonika Networks is a rapidly growing technology company, manufacturing professional network connectivity equipment for international...

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  • Converge IoT

    Converge IoT

    As a Master Distributor, our role is to support business customers via our Partner Network...

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  • SpaceSense Corporation

    SpaceSense Corporation

    For more than two decades, SpaceSense.Systems has been at the forefront of technology. Our industry-leading...

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  • Breadware


    Breadware is a IoT design firm focused on building high performing connected devices.   Breadware’s difference...

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  • CalChip Connect

    CalChip Connect

    CalChip Connect (CCC) is the nation's leading IoT distributor. Combining extensive supply chain experience with...

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  • SGS


    SGS’s global network of labs offers true end-to-end test services portfolio to entire wireless ecosystem...

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  • BDATA Solutions Inc.

    BDATA Solutions Inc.

    BDATA is a Canadian company creating the next generation cybersecurity for IoT devices. Founded by...

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  • Esper


    Esper is the only full-stack DevOps platform that provides seamless end-to-end management of dedicated devices...

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  • Teltonika Telematics

    Teltonika Telematics

    Merging the best of telecommunications and informatics, Teltonika Telematics offers unique ways to monitor a...

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  • ST


    At ST, we are 46,000 creators and makers of semiconductor technologies mastering the semiconductor supply...

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  • uHoo


    uHoo was launched in 2014 for we have seen air quality problems becoming more evident...

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  • NeuronicWorks


    NeuronicWorks Inc. is a leading design engineering and manufacturing house established in the heart of...

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  • Quake Global, Inc.

    Quake Global, Inc.

    Quake Global is a leading telematics hardware provider of synchronized asset intelligence solutions enabling customers...

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  • Thinxtra


    Thinxtra is an Australian-owned and operated company founded in 2015 to help organisations connect their...

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  • Spresense


    The Spresense microcontroller board is developed and manufactured by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation which is...

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  • Prescient


    Prescient helps companies rapidly and economically solve their most complex IIoT and edge DataOps challenges....

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  • Cassia Networks

    Cassia Networks

    Cassia Networks is the leading provider for enterprise Bluetooth IoT products and solutions. Their patented...

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  • UnaBiz


    UnaBiz is a proven massive IoT service provider who specialises in sensor product design, manufacturing,...

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  • IoThink Solutions

    IoThink Solutions

    IoThink Solutions is a software editor specialized in IoT/M2M platforms and an integration expert. Thanks...

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  • Balena


    The container-based platform for deploying IoT fleets DEVICE PROVISIONING: Seamlessly add and configure devices for...

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  • Seeed Studio

    Seeed Studio

    In 2008, Seeed Studio was founded with the vision of "Making Technology Accessible for All"....

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Let’s Grow Your Business Together

In complex business environments where new technologies emerge quickly and innovation cycles become faster—the synergies from partner relationships make increasing sense.

Soracom works with innovative partners that challenge us to think in new ways. We regularly seek partners with complementary capabilities to grow our businesses together and gain access to new markets and channels by sharing innovation.

Supporting 4 million connections (as of Jan 1st 2022) with global IoT coverage in 150+ countries, Soracom is currently experiencing exceptional growth.

Our value-creating partner ecosystem keeps growing in strength and numbers and has supported many of the projects behind our expansion.

Join the Soracom Partner Space
Join the Soracom Partner Space

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