Soracom Harvest
Soracom Harvest
Soracom Harvest

Serverless data collection and dashboards

Get your IoT fleet up and running fast, see data coming in from your devices, and create data visualizations on-the-fly

Real-time data validation

Collect, store, and visualize data at any time, from any device connected with SORACOM Air. No server or storage setup required.

SORACOM Harvest lets you get up and running fast, see data coming in from IoT devices, and create on-the-fly time-series and GPS visualizations.

For full details, visit the Soracom developer site

* SORACOM Harvest is provided as a Public Beta

What does Harvest solve?

Connection Validation

Collect real-time data from devices… without setting up servers or storage. Perfect for PoC and testing.

Easy Data Visualization

Device data is automatically timestamped and authenticated. No clock or credentials required

Instant data visualization

SORACOM Harvest isn’t intended to replace full-scale analytics and visualization packages, but it’s great for quick confirmation that devices are working as intended and for basic time-series and GPS visualization.

• Use the web console to browse and graph data

• Use the API to collect data for use with other services

• If you’re ready for full dashboard service, step up to SORACOM Lagoon

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