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BDATA Solutions Inc. is a verified Soracom Partner Soracom Partner

Creating a machine-centric cybersecurity for IoT, endpoint, point of sales, and edge device

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About BDATA Solutions Inc.

BDATA is a Canadian company creating the next generation cybersecurity for IoT devices. Founded by Syed Bari, a professional engineer and a visionary entrepreneur, the company is currently working with its key partners such as Soracom to provide device transparency, security, and monitoring and enforce compliance.

BDATA has tapped into blockchain technology and created a new type of cybersecurity for data communication. The BIoT (Blockchain IoT) technology is the multichain structured security layer built for endpoint, point of sales, edge, IoT, and smart device.

BIoT technology help with secure remote access, intrusion detection, and secure data transaction. Some of the key features of the BIoT technology include password-less and peer-endorsing authentication, immutable and distributed data transaction, zero-trust network architecture, and real-time intrusion detection. The BIoT technology can be implemented on any remote device, even with constrained memory and computational resources.

We have completed case studies for several applications, including usage for water treatment plants, Oil and Gas refineries, Supply chain for the food industry, and secure communication for satellite data transmission from a remote area in Yukon. Now, BDATA wants to put the technology to use in the fintech area.

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A cyberattack costs, on average, around $3.6 million to manufacturers and critical infrastructures. Over 50% of the damage is due to disruptions in operation by shutting down high-value machines and equipment. Less than 10% of the damage is directly related to the attack.

BDATA has created digital fingerprints for IoT, Edge, and Endpoint devices to increase the equipment’s transparency and keep the cyberattack from spilling over to the Operation side. By using password-less, peer-endorsing, and zero-trust networks, BDATA helps to reduce disruptions in operation and minimize cyberattack damage.

Through our partnership with Soracom, end users such as manufacturers, cities, and energy companies are able to enjoy Soracom reliable and fast connectivity for their IoT devices while they can entrust BDATA for their device security.

Our technology has a huge social impact, as the technology protects the operation technology from unscheduled interruption. Our clients (e.g., Utility, Energy, and wireless connection)  can limit a cyber attack damage and protect their users by using our technology. Our technology is energy efficient because we do not store information on the blockchain other than the device’s unique ID log. We also use a multi-chain structure to share computation load and reduce the amount of energy needed.

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Founder: Syed Zeeshan Bari
Co-Founder: Owen Wang

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BDATA Solutions Inc. BDATA Solutions Inc. is a verified Soracom Partner

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