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Optimizing device battery consumption

The more data your device transmits, the more power it consumes. Soracom helps tech innovators consume less data and keep their devices powered for longer in the field.

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  • Get more power from a single charge
  • Connect to low-power networks
  • Transmit less data, get more power
  • How WHILL reduced power consumption by 30% with Soracom

Get more power from a single charge

Keep your devices powered for longer periods of time by connecting over low-power networks and transmitting the minimum necessary amount of data to the cloud.

Data stays safe, batteries last longer, and you pay less for connectivity. Soracom supports encryptions for HTTP, MQTT, TCP and UDP, with certificates and endpoints managed in the cloud.

Low-power protocols

Less data, more power

Send data over the cloud securely using more efficient protocols like TCP, UDP, HTTP, SMS, and USSD. Then convert the data to HTTPS in Soracom before sending it to the cloud.

More efficient

Keep devices powered longer by only transmitting the data you actually need.

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Supports MQTT

You can also send data from your device over MQTT and let Soracom convert to MQTTS.

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Reduce power consumption

Connect over low-power networks

When your devices connect over low-power networks like LTE-M and NB-IoT, they enter a stronger, more reliable connection that consumes less battery power.

A stronger signal

LTE-M and NB-IoT networks offer strong, reliable and efficient coverage that consume less power.

Put devices to sleep

Set timers that put a device to sleep, and wake it up periodically to send or receive data.

Nice to know: Soracom provides solutions where we can reduce the frequency in which data is sent to the cloud, dramatically improve device battery. For example, a device’s battery might last for 2 years when submitting data once an hour… but that could increase to as much as 10 years when only submitting once a day!

Soracom Solutions Architects

A team of power-saving IoT experts

When you join Soracom, our team of Solutions Architects is on hand to help you maximize the performance of your IoT device.

We’ve worked with thousands of businesses, providing innovative solutions that help keep their IoT devices powered in the field for longer.

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Reducing IoT data costs

When you’re managing a network of IoT devices at scale, every byte of data you can save counts. Soracom helps tech innovators keep data costs low, without compromising performance or security.

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