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Direct leased line connection for private IoT networking

Direct leased line connection for private IoT networking

Dedicated connection for IoT

Use AWS Direct Connect to create a direct connection between Soracom and your private cloud or on-premises infrastructure.

Like SORACOM Canal, SORACOM Direct lets you create a closed tunnel between your existing systems or data centers and your devices.

Direct Connect offers direct access to AWS resources, with main access nodes in Frankfurt, Tokyo and Osaka.

Note: SORACOM Direct is offered as a limited preview service.

What does Direct solve?

Secure Architecture

Supports secure cellular access to existing systems and data centers.

Private Networking Environment

Create a closed tunnel connecting IoT devices to private data systems.

Virtual Private Gateway

Direct offers a Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) for IoT systems. This can be configured to specify Internet routing tables and allow private connection to a specific access point.

VPGs provide a number of useful capabilities for IoT, including:

•Assign SIMs to Groups for access control
•Reassign SIMs and Groups on the fly
•Secure IP addresses for large numbers of devices
•Connect to secure systems or to the Internet


VPG Fixed Global IP Address

With VPG enabled, you can configure a fixed IP address for your IoT traffic. You can assign this address to an unlimited number of SIM connections and use IP-based rules to control access to backend systems.

Learn how to get started with VPG and fixed IP!


Note: VPG required to use this feature

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