SORACOM Air for Sigfox

Global Sigfox connectivity

Powerful, global,

Now you can manage both Global GSM and Sigfox connectivity from a central platform with a single billing system.

Soracom Air for Sigfox provides centralized control for your Sigfox connections on a bring-your-own-device, pay-as-you-go basis. And it comes with everything you’d expect from Soracom: management APIs, CLI, web console, and advanced platform services that let you standardize your connectivity and data management.

You’ll also get the benefit of secure connection to leading cloud services such as AWS IoT, AWS Kinesis, Google IoT, Azure IoT and PubNub.

What does Air for Sigfox solve?


Low-cost path to release with simple, predictable global billing and management.


Single interface to manage cellular and Sigfox IoT connections around the world.


Soracom API, CLI and Console let you control your entire network.

Enhanced Capabilities
for IoT and M2M

Soracom Air for Sigfox service includes powerful Soracom Platform capabilities at no added cost:

• Device management APIs, CLI and console
• Per-device Uplink API, CLI and console
• Advanced Binary decoding
• Soracom Beam for data optimization
• Soracom Funnel for public cloud integration
• Soracom Harvest for serverless data collection and visualization

Once you have your Sigfox device ID and PAC, you’re ready to register your devices in the Soracom User Console. You can always find technical information and sample code on the Soracom Developer Site.

Air for Sigfox

Soracom provides a complete pay-as-you-go model for your Sigfox devices. The minimum commitment for service is 12 months per device, beginning when the device sends its first message.

Charges are calculated daily based on:
• Location of the first message of the day
• Number of Uplink messages sent (up to 12 bytes per message)
• Number of Downlink messages sent (up to 8 bytes per message)

Prices are tiered based on daily Uplink/Downlink volume and go down as your IoT network grows. At the end of each month, volume discounts are automatically applied and you’ll find significant discounts as you pass 500 and 1000 devices.