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About IoThink Solutions

IoThink Solutions is a software editor specialized in IoT/M2M platforms and an integration expert.

Thanks to its dual approach, IoThink Solutions can also support its customers, mostly system integrators, in their growth and skills development to guarantee the success of their projects.

Thanks to its suite of IoT tools, KHEIRON IoT Suite, IoThink is able to address any IoT project in the following areas: Smart Building, Smart Energy, Smart City, Smart Industry, Smart Retail and Smart Agriculture.

The KHEIRON platform being intuitive, user friendly and fully interoperable, the solution clients can easily connect any sensor (more than 750 already decoded), create and deploy any use case (already more than 5000 dashboards)!

The solution is fully available in white label and also exists for mobile devices (on iOS and Android).

Kheiron IoT Suite

Kheiron IoT Suite is the most innovative IoT platform to control your devices, monitor your fleet and analyze your data.

Kheiron is the best answer to all kind of IoT & M2M projects. It has been designed to be fast, interoperable, user friendly and profitable for all types of customers and users.

What’s included in our IoT platform Kheiron IoT Suite?


An intuitive IDE to create your own use cases and access public libraries of devices and dashboards.


An interoperable IoT platform to control your fleet of devices and analyze your data.

KSP Mobile

The KSP web counterpart for mobile devices , it is available both on iOS and Android. It is the perfect tool to remote control our equipment and receive alerts at any time, from anywhere.

IoT is truly at the heart of IoThink Solutions’ activity because its primary goal is to allow all companies to serenely consider the digital transformation of their business thanks to the advantages that an innovative and interoperable IoT/M2M platform can bring.

As a result, IoThink Solutions is a key player in the IoT ecosystem and a partner of choice for evangelizing companies to the Internet of Things and deploying relevant connected projects and solutions.

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