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Helping struggling and well-established companies understand how IoT fits into their business ecosystem quickly and efficiently so it’s ready to market.

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About BH IoT Group

The experts at BH IoT Group build and execute successful IoT sales, marketing, and product strategy, and IoT strategy consulting for companies of all industries.

If your company has gotten deeply into IoT and found itself lost and struggling to see the return on its investment, you’ve come to the right place.

BH IoT understands that successful deployments take experience, flexibility, and a degree of agnosticism to solutions so that technology fits your IoT sales strategy and not vice versa.

BH IoT Group aren’t just technology providers offering advice around platforms, devices, software, management, and connectivity. They are problem solvers who understand that the real value of a successful IoT strategy lies in the strategy and execution.

Their IoT consulting services help groups launch new offerings, revamp existing programs, and expand capabilities within the IoT space, allowing them to generate new sources of revenue. They understand the difficulty that the final mile represents and design for it from the very start.

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BH IoT Group BH IoT Group is a verified Soracom Partner

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