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About AI Dynamics

AI Dynamics was created to democratize AI. This means putting AI into the hands of researchers, domain experts, and engineers even if they are not experts in machine learning.

With a talented team of machine learning professionals, AI Dynamics has produced a platform that significantly reduces the time, effort and cost of putting machine learnings solutions into production and managing them.

In addition, for users who are looking for an even easier approach to machine learning, AI Dynamics has a package of pre-built machine learning solutions that can be uploaded onto S+ cameras from Soracom to provide instant AI-capable imaging.


AI Dynamics offers several solutions to clients:

  • NeoPulse machine learning platform to accelerate machine learning for the enterprise and deploy to a range of targets ranging from devices, on premise servers, or the cloud
  • A set of pre-built machine learning models that can be uploaded onto Soracom S+ Cameras to power AI-enabled imaging for a range of industries and applications as well as the ability to quickly update these models for specific problems
  • Consulting and professional services to create sophisticated enterprise-ready machine learning solutions for a range of industries all powered by a scalable, high performance and low-cost platform

We also offer integration solutions with third parties such as Dell Technologies:

NeoPulse offers a range of capabilities such as:

  • Data preparation for machine learning to ingest data and structure the data for training machine learning models such as formatting the data correctly, removing anomalous data, getting a statistical profile of the training data, and packaging the data for training

    • Automated or guided machine learning to enable practitioners with a range of capabilities to design sophisticated ML algorithms, train the model and test the model.



  • Deploy and manage machine learning solutions to the cloud, onto devices, and onto on-premise servers with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface

NeoPulse provices complete end-to-end machine learning capabilities to supercharge any enterprise with machine learning for many different applications from drug discovery, medical imaging, smart factories, and back-office efficiency.

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AI Dynamics AI Dynamics is a verified Soracom Partner

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