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Enabling a private LAN between devices

Upload data to the cloud and login to devices from server backend.

Secure bi-directional communication

Soracom Gate lets you access device groups within a closed network infrastructure. You can also use Gate to communicate between devices, including both devices on your host and devices connected with Soracom Canal, Direct, or Door.

For example, you might want to access a device’s shell for maintenance purposes or connect via peer-to-peer to directly relay stream data from a camera. Gate supports these use cases and more without the need to assign a global IP address to any of your devices.

What does Gate solve?

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Enhanced Security

Closed network infrastructure for communication between devices and servers.

Simplified Networking

Securely update firmware over the air at any time.

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Virtual L2 connection

Soracom Gate uses the Layer 2 tunneling protocol to connect your host to a Virtual Private Gateway (VPG).

This allows you to assign any or all of your devices connected with Soracom Canal, Direct, or Door to the same L2 subnet for communication with your servers and with each other.

Because Gate creates a VXLAN (Virtual Extensible LAN) environment between your host and devices, they can communicate with each other as if they were a part of the same private network without using NAT.

Private networking for IoT

Depending on your IoT architecture, you may prefer to connect using a Virtual Private Gateway, Virtual Private Cloud, or VPN.

In all cases, your Soracom Gate virtual L2 subnet allows two-way peering with your AWS or non-AWS infrastructure. Give your IoT deployment the benefit of secure private networking while allowing maximum flexibility and even assignment of static IP addresses.

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