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SpaceSense.Systems provides transparency and automation to industry assets control & condition monitoring with revolutionary wireless sensor technology.

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About SpaceSense Corporation

For more than two decades, SpaceSense.Systems has been at the forefront of technology. Our industry-leading wireless sensors for IIoT are simple to deploy, low-cost, reliable, accurate, safe and secure, and lay the groundwork for operations personnel to learn from near real-time insights to solve their biggest asset challenges—before they happen.

Working with our clients, we expertly customize an IIoT solution to connect the dots between a plant’s physical assets and its data to help industries stay competitive and efficient. With over 20,000 sensors deployed, we have proven the solution at scale.

SpaceSense Corporation Products & Services

SX3 technology significantly alters the way that manufacturers use sensors today. No one currently offers the depth, scope, speed, and quality of vibration and pressure condition-based monitoring and predicting of SX3 Technology.

SpaceSense Corporation Products and Services

We serve our customers with best-in-class wireless sensors deployed on SX3 Enterprise Studio via SX3 Managed – Long Range BLE Networks. It all started with a wireless vibration sensor, which delivers the highest resolution full spectrum 6-sec data on the market and is comparable to the standard handheld units used by vibration technicians.

It features a tag, with edge computing capabilities, that is mounted in a convenient location to service the batteries and also connect to the network. The sensor itself is on a short umbilical cord to the tag and is very small and can be mounted in an optimal position – under safety covers and between fins – for sensing high-resolution full-spectrum vibration and temperature.

The tags connect to gateways, which also have edge intelligence, building a long-range BLE5 network. The gateways ensure load sharing and data integrity to the cloud. They will continue to operate even when disconnected from the cloud to ensure data integrity.

The third component of the SX3 system is the SX3 Enterprise Studio, IIoT data platform. This is a mature, secure platform to manage the data and deliver it where it is needed. Partners can choose to evaluate the data themselves, send it to a third party for evaluation, or have the data evaluated by SX3.

In any case, we do all the heavy lifting – we deliver high-resolution full-spectrum data to the destination of your choice reliably.

SpaceSense Corporation Products and Services

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SpaceSense Corporation SpaceSense Corporation is a verified Soracom Partner

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