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Private Connection in the Cloud

Privately connect IoT devices with your AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

The Soracom platform is built on Amazon Web Services. Soracom Canal leverages AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) peering to securely connect your IoT devices to resources within your own private AWS VPC.

Servers inside your AWS VPC can make connections without using the Internet, so you can upload even highly sensitive device data without exposure to external threats.

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What does Canal solve?

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Data Protection

IoT network traffic is encrypted at the source and arrives in your AWS VPC without traveling over the public Internet.

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Access Control

Only authorized SIMs can access VPCs connected by Canal, so you can control managed devices such as company smartphones and tablets.

Virtual Private Gateway

Canal uses Virtual Private Gateways (VPGs) to peer with your AWS Virtual Private Cloud.

Each VPG can be used to peer with a specific VPC, to enable Internet routing or peering only.

The VPG also lets you optimize access to SORACOM Beam and NAT processing depending on individual use situations. For example, Beam can be set to reduce throttling and enable more simultaneous connections.

VPG Fixed Global IP Address

Once your VPG is enabled, you can configure a fixed IP address for your IoT traffic. You can assign this address to an unlimited number of SIM connections and use IP-based rules to control access to backend systems.

When combined with SORACOM Beam, you can use this address to identify the source of cellular data traffic and specific access rules.

Learn how to get started with VPG and fixed IP!

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