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Esper enables digital innovation through powerful infrastructure and end-to-end solutions for dedicated devices.

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About Esper

Esper is the only full-stack DevOps platform that provides seamless end-to-end management of dedicated devices within a stable, scalable, and flexible infrastructure. With robust capabilities for device lockdown, kiosk mode, remote control, over-the-air updates, deployment pipelines, and more, organizations can automate standard device operations and focus on innovation.

Regularly shipping software is essential for implementing customer feedback and creating customized experiences. Esper’s device infrastructure enables developers, mid-market organizations, and enterprise fleets of 100,000+ devices to deliver their software as a service regardless of hardware. Esper has rapidly-growing global customer adoption among some of the world’s most innovative major brands in retail, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, education, and more.

Esper Products & Services

Esper Products and Services

Esper provides stable, flexible device infrastructure and automation tools, so you can focus on innovation and creating exceptional customer experiences. Beyond the basic functionality of traditional MDMs, Esper enables your digital modernization with a safe, reliable, repeatable solution for updating devices, monitoring current device state, and using advanced telemetry to track apps, OS, and hardware. Customize your devices for your exact business use case with Esper’s SDK and API.

Esper is the first DevOps for Devices platform for dedicated Android devices. The platform was designed specifically to overcome challenges and impossibilities associated with managing dedicated devices in the field.

DevOps in and of itself is not a tool or a technology but a mindset focused on rapid code changes and deployments based on customer feedback and telemetry running in a continuous loop. It is a secure, reliable, repeatable and high-velocity way to update and manage devices with complete visibility and control of your dedicated devices.

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Esper Esper is a verified Soracom Partner

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