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SIM-Based Device Authentication

Simple authentication for any hardware device with a Soracom SIM Card

Hardware authentication for IoT

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Soracom Endorse offers hardware-based device authentication for any device that connects to the cloud over cellular with a Soracom SIM Card.

Soracom SIM cards can send an authentication token to Endorse. This token is signed using a private Soracom key and allows strong authentication based on SIM/device combination (IMSI + IMEI), preventing misuse of stolen SIMs.

Because authentication is specific to a device and SIM, Endorse is portable across communication networks, including cellular, Wi-Fi, LoRa, or Sigfox.

What does Endorse solve?

WiFi Offload

For devices with both cellular and Wi-Fi available, use Wi-Fi where appropriate without compromising network security.

Business System Login

Use SIM-based tokens for login. Or combine with SORACOM Canal to provide single sign-on for company phones and tablets.

Multi-factor Authentication

Grant access to devices based on pre-registered IMSI + IMEI combination.

Why SIM authentication?

  • Highly tamper-resistant, extremely difficult to falsify or duplicate.
  • Data communication enabled only when a SIM’s unique IMSI is registered with a mobile network provider.
  • Security keys are exchanged based on private information unique to each SIM, enabling user authentication and encryption of all data communications.
  • Can be locked to a specific device via the Soracom User Console or API.
Soracom SIM in Device

Soracom Endorse Capabilities

  • Provision identity-based login for connected devices.
  • Authenticate devices across networks.
  • Connect confidently to private servers, even when sending traffic over the Internet.

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