IoT ecoSIM (2FF, 3FF & 4FF)

Introducing a more sustainable IoT SIM card for a more connected world

The Soracom ecoSIM for IoT is quarter the size of a regular SIM card, weighing in at just 4 grams. Designed to operate at temperatures as high as 85ºC with data retention for up to 10 years.

Soracom IoT ecoSIM (2FF, 3FF & 4FF)
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Saving over 4 tons of plastic
for every million SIM cards shipped

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(about the weight of six cows!)

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Soracom IoT ecoSIM

Meet the World's Most Powerful IoT SIM Card

Connect your devices to the cloud over cellular with an environmentally friendly ecoSIM that works with virtually any IoT device.

🌱 A quarter-sized SIM card

Our IoT ecoSIM is 75% smaller than a regular SIM card, meaning far less plastic waste ends up in landfill.

🌱 Lower carbon emissions

Weighing in at just 4 grams, the Soracom ecoSIM can be shipped at a far lower cost than the credit card-sized SIM cards available from mobile network operators and other IoT connectivity providers.

Soracom IoT ecoSIM is 75% smaller than a regular SIM card

🌱 Durable and long-lasting

A Soracom ecoSIM is designed to operate in temperatures as high as 85°C and retain data for up to 10 years – mitigating the need to constantly replace SIM cards due to damage in the field.

🌱 A less toxic material

Made using ABS plastic – a fully-recyclable, less-toxic alternative when compared with the PVC plastic used to manufacture most other SIM cards.

Soracom IoT SIM

🌱 Multiple sizes

The single SIM breaks into multiple form factors – 2FF, 3FF and 4FF – limiting our production requirements and reducing our carbon emissions.

🌱 Global coverage

With a Soracom ecoSIM, your IoT devices can instantly connect to over 140 countries – so there’s no need to order additional SIM cards for coverage in different countries, territories or regions.

The 4 sizes of SIM card stacked together

Designed to work with anything

An ecoSIM from Soracom is hardware agnostic, and cross compatible with virtually ANY device.

🤖 IoT Devices

Works with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Teltonika… plus most other devices, including any custom-built IoT hardware.

⚙️ IoT Modules

Cross compatibility with Nordic, Sequans, Quectel, U-blox, Thales, Telit, Sierra, Murata, SIMCOM, and beyond.

☁️ Cloud Services

Securely connect your devices to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS over cellular, bypassing public internet.

What is Soracom?

IoT Connectivity. Built for the Cloud

Soracom IoT SIM
Soracom IoT ecoSIM

Order a Soracom ecoSIM

Start with a single SIM for testing… then easily upgrade to another 10, 100, 1,000 and beyond. With Soracom, there’s no limit to how big you scale... and how quickly.