Secure IoT Cellular Connectivity

10,000+ businesses around the world use Soracom IoT cellular connectivity to connect their IoT & M2M devices to the cloud.


Cellular connectivity for IoT and M2M

Why 10,000+ businesses around the world use Soracom

Rapid, Easy POC

We’ve helped 10k+ businesses get their projects moving with award-winning IoT and M2M products and solutions.

Pricing you’ll like

Pay as you go pricing with device usage aggregated across all devices. No minimum commitments or NDAs.

Global Scalability

Use Soracom IoT Cellular Connectivity, one IoT sim card, to connect in over 120 countries. Multiple network operators available in major countries.

from startup to enterprise, Soracom connects

Soracom’s IoT cellular connectivity solutions architect and engineering teams helped design our entire architecture and did an amazing job creating a new feature in less than 24 hours. We appreciate the pay-as-you-go model without long-term contracts. Ultimately we were able to launch our product in just 62 days! With one global Soracom SIM, Pocketalk helps customers in 63 languages around the world

Noriyuki Matsuda CEO, SourceNext

IoT and M2M products and solutions

that scale from one to 100K+ SIMs

Wireless Agnostic

Soracom IoT Cellular Connectivity supports 3G/4G and LPWA (Sigfox and LoRaWAN) connected devices, making it easy to connect your devices to the cloud.

Cloud Native

Built on AWS, with support for the cloud of your choice (AWS, Azure, Google) including private cloud connections.

Less Power and Data on Device

Perform encryption over cloud, reduce device power consumption, and lower data transfer amount to lower your costs.

Secure Connectivity

Build a private connection from your device to AWS. Never expose devices to the Internet and eliminate the risk of getting hacked.

Available when you need it

With robust cloud services, your IoT endpoint is always available and cellular connectivity does not go down like the Internet.

Remote Management

Easily manage 100k+ devices using APIs and web console, and eliminate the need to physically manage your SIMs.

Connectivity for developers

Getting Started

Ordering an IoT SIM, creating an account and registering your IoT SIM is super simple. Check out these quick few steps to getting started.

Developer Docs

Head on over to our developer site to check out our developer documentation on how to use Soracom products.

IoT Starter Kit

Our new Cellular IoT Starter Kit to get you up and running with cellular connectivity to connect your devices to the cloud and unlock new possibilities!

Success Stories


Municipal bus company develops location tracking system to enhance rider satisfaction and attract more customers

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Cattle management solution to monitor the health and activity of a herd of cattle to optimize milk production.

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Real Estate

Enabling a smart, connected door lock to allow entry into properties without a physical key or sales person.

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Secure, two way connection to keep power plants around the world operating efficiently.

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Smart energy platform turning renewable energy into IoT applications.

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IoT connected personal mobility device to improve the safety and functionality for users.

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Scale deployments with a single, global SIM and connectivity platform in over 117 countries.