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IoT Analytics & Data Visualization

IoT Dashboards and Notifications

Instant, serverless IoT dashboards

Use data collected in SORACOM Harvest to create dashboards combining multiple graphs, tables, maps and more with just a few clicks. No need to set up databases, servers, or other infrastructure

For complete technical details, use cases, and instructions for getting started, visit the Soracom developer site.

What does Lagoon solve?

Instant IoT dashboards

Create complete dashboards with just a few clicks

Easy dashboard sharing

Share read-only dashboards with anyone for easy collaboration

Real-time alerts

Set thresholds for any parameter tracked in Lagoon for automatic alerts by email, Slack,Webhook etc.

Instant data visualization

Use data collected in SORACOM Harvest to create elegant dashboards featuring graphs, tables, geomaps, lists, heat maps and more. Just a few clicks and you’re live.

Lagoon is based on Grafana, the open-source, community-backed resource for beautiful analytics and monitoring.

Cross-Network SIM Authentication

Set a threshold for any parameter in your dashboard (e.g. temperature > 120F; soil moisture content < 25%) and receive real-time text or image alerts by email, Slack, Webhook or other preferred channel

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