Soracom Plan US-MAX

Multicarrier IoT connectivity across Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile networks

Get Maximum Coverage Across the US

In a place like the US, known for its vast landscapes, the US-MAX plan ensures the broadest possible coverage for IoT devices. It also offers the ability to seamlessly switch between the top three cellular networks, ensuring a reliable connection even on the go:

  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
map of US showing wide-ranging coverage from coast to coast

Multi-Carrier For Flexible Coverage

A Soracom SIM/eSIM will let your devices connect to the best carrier and tower for the job. Say goodbye to juggling multiple carriers, coverage maps, and tracking multiple inventory SKUs.

Automatic Failover For Maximum Uptime

If a single carrier has an outage or a local tower goes down, your devices can connect to another network automatically.

Built for Developing, Securing, and Deploying Connected Devices

Soracom comes with advanced cloud features and secure networking services to boost IoT deployment and performance at large scale:

  • Cloud-Native Connectivity
  • • On-Demand Private Networks
  • • Reduced Data Overhead and Power Consumption

Developer Pricing – Pay as You Go

Soracom provides end-users and their development teams an opportunity to test and evaluate the Soracom network and platform tools without talking to sales. Sign up for an operator account, order a SIM, and start an IoT project

Download Fee$3.00/SIM
Monthly Basic Fee$1.80/month (when Active/Inactive)
Data Usage Fee$0.09/MB

Please note: To take advantage of this plan, you must purchase (or already have) Plan-US or Plan01s SIMs or eSIMs

Custom Deployment Pricing

New to Soracom?

If you’re new to Soracom but have an existing or upcoming deployment, we’re happy to work with you and walk you through your coverage options, and available pricing structures, and work through what makes sense based on your business model and deployment forecasts.

Existing Customers

If you’re an existing Soracom customer with existing deployment pricing, please contact us today to discuss how US-MAX can get you the coverage you’re looking for.

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