Soracom Onyx LTE USB Modem

A pre-certified USB cellular modem for global connectivity on LTE Cat.4, 3G, and 2G networks.

Add Cellular Data to a Gateway or Smart Device Over USB

Soracom Onyx LTE™ USB Cellular Modem is a high-performance communications device allowing cellular data connectivity for fixed and mobile applications. The Onyx provides a Quectel® EG25-G LTE Cat. 4 module, which features global 4G/LTE, 3G, and 2G cellular connectivity and is optimized specifically for IoT and M2M applications. It’s been designed specifically to work with a Soracom IoT SIM Card, offering cellular connectivity in over 140 countries.

The Onyx is suitable for many different M2M/IoT applications including smart agriculture, healthcare, tracking, and remote management applications. The device works on Linux hosts, with no driver installation necessary for most Linux systems.

Perfect for whether you’re building a prototype, or if you’re scaling your IoT tech out to thousands of different devices, the Soracom Onyx LTE™ USB Modem is a fast and affordable way to connect virtually any device to the cloud over cellular.

Start Testing Cellular Today!

Buy a Soracom Onyx LTE™ USB modem and a Soracom Global Multi-Carrier SIM from your favorite supplier and start your tests with cellular connectivity right away.

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Onyx LTE™ Cellular Modem

Soracom Global Multicarrier SIM Card

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Onyx LTE™ Cellular Modem

Soracom Global Multicarrier SIM Card

Soracom Plan-US Multicarrier SIM Card

Technical Specifications

Integrates a modem and antenna, powered by the USB port >

This means no extra accessories nor power supply are required to get the host device online. Two CRC9 connectors also allow external antenna connection. In a bad radio environment, you may extend out cables and place antennas away from the host device for better connectivity.

Radio-certified as an end product >

The device satisfies all network & RF requirements for cellular connectivity by itself, which makes it radio-certified as an end product. By using the Onyx LTE™ USB hardware, you can avoid getting additional radio certifications and immediately deploy your IoT system in the field.

The device is ready for global use with a Soracom SIM >

The embedded modem features global LTE band coverage and radio certifications for global use. This single SKU + our global SIM can provide connectivity almost anywhere in the world, without having to modify the system.

Please note the end product certification is limited to FCC/TELEC/PTCRB/CE*. Depending on the usage & region, you may need additional certification as an end product.

Natively supports multiple application protocols >

The built-in application protocols such as TCP, UDP, PPP, FTP, HTTP, and MQTT allow devices to integrate into various system architectures and cloud services quickly without the need for custom code.

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Digi-Key Electronics

Mouser Electronics

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