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Breadware is an end-to-end IoT Engineering and Design firm that helps businesses successfully plan, build and launch IoT Solutions.

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About Breadware

Breadware is a IoT design firm focused on building high performing connected devices.   Breadware’s difference comes through our expert engineers who specialize in the total IoT design process including Hardware, Firmware and Software development.  Whether you are adding connectivity to a current device or building out a custom IoT Project from scratch, Breadware engineers have the experience to help you get it done correctly.

Besides just offering Hardware and Firmware Engineering Services, Breadware has also become a Products company.  Breadware’s products include an IoT Software Platform and, in May 2021, they released a pre-built IoT Connectivity Board (PCB) to their offering.  The software platform allows the user to track and build specific actions to happen depending on their device settings and the new Slice circuit board is a specially designed IoT board designed to help get your product to market faster.

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Breadware Breadware is a verified Soracom Partner

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