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Simetric simplifies your IoT ecosystem by aggregating your IoT connectivity and edge device data from around the world into one view

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About Simetric

Founded in 2017, Simetric is a cutting-edge software company specializing in holistic lifecycle management for IoT and edge-connected devices. As a continuously innovating IoT management platform,

Simetric simplifies complex data streams from large-scale, cross-carrier device deployments into an easy-to-use, single-pane format. This unique approach enables businesses to efficiently manage IoT connectivity and optimize cellular connected, satellite, and edge device management, unleashing the full potential of 5G technology.

Simetric’s platform offers unparalleled insights for IoT-managed services, delivering immediate results by standardizing operations, and provide a consolidated view and actionable insights across over 225 carriers and 1,000 APIs, all within one intelligent and intuitive platform. This comprehensive solution empowers clients to take control of their IoT connectivity, ensuring seamless operations through business process optimization and automation .  With near real-time insights on a global scale, Simetric has established itself as a leader in this space.

Through the partnership with Soracom, Simetric aims to further enhance the capabilities of businesses in managing and leveraging IoT technology, driving growth and success for all internal stakeholders and their customers. Together, Soracom and Simetric are forging a future with accelerated deployment and efficient operations at scale as the foundation.

Simetric Products & Services

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, seamless IoT connectivity and efficient management of IoT deployments are essential for businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

By leveraging Simetric’s cutting-edge products and services, Soracom customers can benefit from a wide range of features that help streamline their IoT infrastructure and support their growth.

Key offerings of Simetric highlighted below, that provide additional value to Soracom’s vast customer ecosystem, make it easier for customers to manage and scale their IoT deployments across the globe, provide predictive and prescriptive analytics and actions while gaining an immediate time to value – typical Simetric customers see a 1:8-10x return for every dollar invested in the Simetric platform.

  • Unified Cross-Carrier Management: Simetric offers visibility across IoT connectivity for over 225 carriers and 1,000 APIs.  This allows Soracom clients seeking the ability to manage legacy deployments to benefit from Simetric’s unified lifecycle management capabilities and cross-carrier aggregated insights, while also providing a way to seamlessly grow and scale today and plan for the future.
  • Device Management: Simetric provides IoT and edge connected device management capabilities that allow Soracom clients to easily manage their connected devices and monitor data usage. This includes features such as near real-time SIM activation and deactivation (individually and in bulk), alerting, automation and detailed reporting.
  • Downstream Capabilities: Simetric offers a robust, customizable parent child hierarchy, which can be used by Soracom clients to provide downstream visibility and actions. This can be useful for Soracom customers who resell connectivity or are looking to allow their internal or external customers to self-serve, be it for simple lifecycle actions or the most complex connectivity troubleshooting.

Discover the full potential of Simetric’s products and services tailored for the Soracom ecosystem, and gain a deeper understanding of Simetric’s offerings.

See Simetric in action:

  • Explore the Simetric Media Library, which features an extensive collection of resources showcasing the capabilities of Simetric’s IoT connectivity and SIM management solutions.
  • Visit the Simetric Platform page to get an in-depth look at the user interface and functionalities offered by Simetric.

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Simetric Simetric is a verified Soracom Partner

A Cross-Carrier, Single Pane of Glass IoT SaaS Platform


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