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Why become a Soracom Partner?

The Soracom Partner Space (SPS) connects the dots when it comes to building an IoT solution. Hardware, software, and services all come together – with Soracom providing the connective tissue for any application.

The SPS program launched in Japan in 2015 is now one of the largest IoT partner programs with a vast ecosystem of 800 members. Relying on this successful model, we are now launching a unique program for our partners in Europe and the US.

Together, we all work together to accelerate IoT innovation.

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“At Soracom, we believe in connecting all the right components that help our customers deploy successful, scalable IoT applications. Let’s chat about how we can build the future of IoT together!”

Nicolas Lesconnec, Soracom Partnerships Manager Nicolas LesconnecSoracom Partnerships Manager