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About ThingsMatrix

ThingsMatrix is an experienced IoT solutions provider with a thorough understanding of an enterprise’s needs for IoT devices, wireless connectivity, a web-based platform, and more.

ThingsMatrix eliminates any distracting obstacles and empowers enterprises to maximize their IoT investment and increase revenue and profits by taking advantage of our proven expertise across a wide range of vertical industries and global markets, including:

  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Smart city
  • Container & pallet tracking
  • Gateway interface with industrial controllers
  • Renewable energy monitoring

ThingsMatrix Products & Services

ThingsMatrix offers off-the-shelf and custom devices to track and monitor assets, using cellular technology that works globally. With configurable and programmable architecture, sensor-based connected devices monitor the assets as well as their surrounding environment, while all the relevant information is displayed in real-time via dashboards powered by ThingsMatrix’s IoT platform.

IoT allows for remote collection of data and record notifications. Due to IoT’s versatility, it can perform a range of functions from simple tasks such as collecting and transmitting temperature data to complex actions which analyze and correlate data.


Cold Chain & Logistics Tracking

The ThingsMatrix platform provides the following capabilities for Cold Chain & Logistics tracking usecases:

  • Data reporting
  • Power Supply alarm
  • Intelligent tracking
  • Wake-up mechanisms
  • Position monitoring
  • Location Based Services
  • Blind Zone Compensation
  • Battery power detection
  • Temperature alarm

Tracking products

ThingsMatrix devices and solutions offer a lot of flexibity, with the following advantages:

  • Singe cloud-based solution
  • Rugged and waterproff devices : TMX08, TMY08 and TMX09-M
  • External and/or integrated power supplies
  • Rechargeable backup battery : TMG01, TMX08, TMY08
  • Variants with different dimensions and battery capacity to address different use cases
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Motion and geofence alerts
  • Customizable harness for different sensors: TMX08, TMY08
  • User generated SMS commands
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Historical and statistical data

Our platform has been built from the ground up to address the needs of enterprises looking to connect assets to the Internet with a highly secure infrastructure. It is efficient enough to bulk-manage tens of thousands of devices and granular enough to allow you to control and manage each individual device. Our platform has everything you need to manage, monitor, and monetize your assets through an easy-to-use dashboard, or to integrate our portal with enterprise back-end systems through APIs.



ThingsMatrix Platform overview and screenshots

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