Flexible Plans and Pricing Options

From self-service developer plans to custom deployment pricing

Your Base Coverage Options

Self-Service Developer Plans

Customized Deployment Pricing

Global Coverage vs. Regional Coverage

Soracom provides multicarrier connectivity with failover between carrier towers in urban and rural areas across the globe. Decide which base coverage option best supports your deployment, and then move to self-service or a custom-pricing conversation.

Base Global Coverage

Global SIM/eSIMs that cover 174 countries. Start regional and grow globally with this base plan.

Base Regional Coverage

Staying local? Regional SIMs/eSIMs unlock local carrier profiles for select regions across the globe.

Enhanced Carrier Access

Whether using a global or regional plan, add expanded carrier access to your existing SIM/eSIM over-the-air!

Self-Service Plans

Developer plans can get you and your teams testing and evaluating Soracom’s multicarrier connectivity and on-demand platform services without any delays. Sign up online, order and activate SIMs, connect devices, and move at your own pace.

Base Coverage:


Plan Name:

plan 01S

Pricing Structure:

Pay As You Go



Base Coverage:

United States

Plan Name:

plan US

Pricing Structure:




Base Coverage:

United Kingdom

Plan Name:

plan X3-EU

Pricing Structure:




Enterprise Customized Pricing

Get the right plan, pricing, coverage, and platform services for large deployments

Work with our team of connectivity specialists and Solution Architects to make sure you’re not just paying less for data, but using the platform to optimize how much data you’re even using.

Step 1

Determine Your Base Coverage

Work with a Soracom connectivity expert to discuss your home region, key markets, and deployment plans.

Be ready to answer the following:

  • • Where is your headquarters located?
  • • Are you selling through a channel?
  • • Do you require downstream billing?

Step 2

Determine Your Pricing Structure

Determine which billing method aligns the best with your business model and finance team and discuss your pricing.

Be prepared to answer the following:

  • • Average data use per month
  • • Number of devices
  • • Deployment forecast

Pricing Structure Options

Maximize your cost-savings and reduce instances of overages and overpayment.

Pay-as-You-Go Plan

Each month you’ll get charged for the data that all active SIMs consume. The advantage is that no SIM lifecycle management is required, no plan juggling, and you’ll not worry about any overage charges. This keeps everything simple.

Pooled Data Plan

Pooled data plans use a set amount of data shared among a group of devices, each with its own SIM. This takes the variability out of billing and helps balance data consumption across a fleet of devices with a predictable monthly fee.