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About Seeed Studio

In 2008, Seeed Studio was founded with the vision of “Making Technology Accessible for All”.

Seeed provides global developers with open-source hardware modules and IoT devices in the fields of sensor monitoring, edge computing, and IoT.

Seeed Studio also offers one-stop hardware services including R&D, manufacturing, and distribution to enable developer to scale up their innovations.

Through collaborating with developers, industry experts, and partners, Seeed offers software and hardware solutions to various applications, aiming to accelerate the digital transformation of industries.

Our services:

  • IoT Devices: Based on the common needs of various IoT applications, Seeed integrates sensing and edge computing technologies into industrial devices – of which their real-life usage reliability has been verified on the field. We offer global developers reliable and ready-to-deploy IoT devices, enabling developers to solve real-world challenges.
  • Solutions for Scenarios: To advance digital transformation, Seeed continues to research and develop smart devices that integrate the latest software and hardware technologies. By cooperating with developers and industry experts, Seeed creates solutions for various scenarios including Smart Agriculture, Environmental Monitoring and Energy Monitoring.
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