Industrial Use Cases


Use cases

Soracom is helping some of the world’s most innovative developers in Industrial tech connect to the cloud over cellular. Learn about just some of our customers below.

Concrete construction aerial
Industrial, Construction

EXACT Technology

Making concrete stronger, safer, and more sustainable

Aethon Labs logo

Aethon Labs

Product development for connected devices

CSS Electronics CAN LIN loggers

CSS Electronics

Vehicle telematics and remote diagnostics made simple

SST Wireless

SST Wireless

High performance equipment monitoring without the high cost

Aroba Inc.
Agriculture, Industrial, Security

aroba Inc.

Secure, connected surveillance cameras with Aroba

Meiko Equipment Co. LTD
Retail, Energy, Industrial

Meiko Equipment Co. LTD

Improving predictive maintenance with IoT and cellular connectivity

Industrial Power Plant
Energy, Industrial

IHI Corporation

Intelligent power plant management - IHI

Enerbrain - IoT for Smart Buildings
Energy, Industrial, Real Estate


Enerbrain - IoT for Smart Buildings

The 4 sizes of SIM card, stacked together

It all begins with a SIM

Start with a single SIM for testing… then easily upgrade to another 10, 100, 1,000 and beyond. With Soracom, there’s no limit to how big you scale... and how quickly.