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About DCS – IoT Business Solutions

DCS is an Internet of Things (“IoT”) technology solutions provider to various industries. The wireless solutions DCS provides consist of an edge computing device gathering data, connectivity to the Internet, and server-based software applications. The big data gathered from these solutions allow customers to optimize their business decision-making processes in order to enhance operating efficiencies and profitability. DCS provides solutions and services to the transportation, hospitality, agricultural, telecommunications, and other industrial enterprises.

Video Telematics

A Powerful and Easy to Use Video Telematics Solution

DCS’s intelligent camera solutions, combined with an award-winning IoT platform, are transforming how vehicle operations approach road safety, claims management, duty of care, fleet compliance, and operational risk.

Advanced video telematics that protects your drivers, business, and other road users.

Help your customers keep their drivers and vehicles safer while streamlining their day-to-day operations and reducing costs. Our video telematics solution provides valuable video insights and advanced risk detection tools to help improve fleet safety and efficiency. The innovative technology in our wide selection of dashcams utilize robust machine vision and artificial intelligence to proactively detect and mitigate risk. Help reduce risk with a proven approach that has helped hundreds of thousands of drivers navigate millions of miles safely for more than 20 years. The solution is easy to use, accessibly priced, and works for any vehicle class. Help your clients jumpstart fleet safety and protect their bottom lines.

Driver Safety

Enhance driver behavior by acquiring the necessary understanding to monitor and evaluate driving patterns. Mitigate driver incidents by fostering increased driver involvement. Identify potential hazards and pinpoint drivers with a higher likelihood of being involved in collisions, thereby reducing operational risk. Implement a significant road safety strategy to safeguard lives effectively.


Protect against fraudulent claims with irrefutable video evidence. Decrease claim frequency by challenging liability and 50/50 claims. Achieve insurance cost savings through prompt liability determination, robust defense, and effective claims management. Utilize First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and Third Party Intervention (TPI) for efficient claims handling.

Fleet Management

Enhance operational efficiency by reducing fuel consumption and maintenance expenses. Minimize vehicle damage by decreasing instances of harsh driving and speeding. Boost fleet productivity by preventing vehicle and driver downtime. Gain improved visibility and control for effective fleet monitoring.

Fleet Compliance

Ensure adherence to fleet safety standards. Mitigate environmental impact by adopting responsible operating practices. Enhance duty of care by prioritizing the protection of staff members. Safeguard corporate reputation through enhanced brand protection.

Dash Cam Incident Video

Features & Benefits

  • In-Cabin and Road-Facing Camera
    Video captures in-cabin and road-facing footage to help provide a complete picture of the drive.
  • Easy Setup
    The lightweight device is easy to install thanks to a user-friendly interface and setup process. Your clients can be up and running in as few as 10 minutes.
  • Proactive Learning
    Drivers receive visual and audio alerts, in real-time, when they are engaged in risky behaviors so they can self-correct before an accident occurs. Awareness of their driving habits empowers drivers to develop safer ones over time.
  • Event Trigger Button
    Drivers can press an event trigger button to proactively record video during an unusual event, such as if another driver is repeatedly hitting the brakes in front of the vehicle.
  • Advanced Sensors
    Select dashcams can provide real-time detection of dangerous driving events. Cabin-facing IR LEDs offers a clear view inside the cabin at night.
  • Future-Proof Technology
    Using a variety of APIs to integrate with current and future fleet management tools and download upgrades and new features through the cloud.
  • Affordably Priced
    Increase revenue by offering your customers a cost-effective video solution. Priced to be accessible for any size fleet, while providing unbeatable technology, high-quality video, and accurate data.
  • Enhanced Telematics
    Add auxiliary cameras to increase visibility for better insights and improved safety. 4G connectivity and a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot support connecting IoT devices and additional cameras.
  • Continuous Recording
    The camera detects movement and continuously records while the vehicle is in motion. Video can be retrieved from the cloud for up to 30 days.
  • Support for Side and Back-Up Views
    Connect up to four additional auxiliary cameras using the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot for a 360° view.
  • LCD Touch Screen
    Use the LCD touchscreen to simplify installation, troubleshoot, review videos, and receive driver alerts.
  • Live Streaming
    See what’s happening in the cab and on the road in near real-time*. Empower managers to make quick decisions and provide immediate assistance.

Solar Powered Asset Tracking

A solar powered asset tracker is a device that uses solar energy to power its functions and is used to track the location and status of an asset.

Solution Sheet

Locate Assets, Reduce Costs & Increase Asset Utilization

The MiFleet Solar Powered Asset Tracking Solution utilizes GPS technology to determine the asset’s location and can transmit this information via cellular or satellite networks to our MiFleet Software. The device is often used to track the movement and status of valuable assets, such as shipping containers, fleet vehicles, and construction equipment, and can provide real-time updates on the asset’s location, speed, and condition. Solar powered asset trackers are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for asset tracking, as they do not require a continuous power source and do not emit any emissions.

Features & Benefits
Discover the power of a Solar Powered Tracking Device

  • Real-Time Monitoring
    Remotely manage your asset with device reporting pings once every 5 minutes while in motion and once every 1 hour when stationary.
  • IP67 Waterproof
    Tested in 5-meter water pressure environment for 15 hrs.
  • Easy Installation
    It can be mounted with magnets, screws, polyurethane or heavy duty tape by end users.
  • BLE 5.1 for Sensors
    Compatible with MiFleet’s BLE temp & humi sensor MFTSTH1-B, temp & door sensor MFTSDT1-B, wireless relay MFTSR1-B and your own sensors.
  • Asset Location Management
    Monitor the location of your asset & make better decisions based on their location.
  • Removal Alerts
    Alerts sent when device is pulled off from asset.
  • Asset Maintenance
    Increase awareness of asset maintenance scheduling, determine when and where maintenance can be performed.
  • Asset Recovery
    Locate lost or stolen assets or trailers.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Real-time temperature monitoring and alerting ensure that your temperature-controlled goods are kept and transported in the appropriate conditions.

Solution Sheet

Ensure the safety of critical assets by maintaining optimal temperature conditions.

MiFleet introduces the pinnacle of fleet management tools: remote monitoring sensors. As a fleet manager, you gain access to valuable temperature data for your vehicles, conveniently displayed in your platform’s monitoring tab. Ensure a continuous, safe temperature for assets like food, vaccines, equipment, and environments, seamlessly tracking your vehicles and maintaining consistent temperature records all in a single location. Experience unparalleled ease in monitoring and managing your fleet.

Remain Compliant

Maintain compliance with stringent industry regulations by utilizing comprehensive audit trails and audit logs for each journey.

Protect Your Assets

Stay informed about the status of your temperature-sensitive assets in real-time and receive immediate notifications regarding any temperature violations.

Improve Customer Service

Keep your customers informed and engaged by providing live ETA alerts and proof of temperature reports.

Wide range of operating temperatures

Operating between -30℃ ~ +80℃ (-22°F ~ 176°F)

BLE 5.0 Sensor Technology

Through one of our supported Asset Tracking BLE Hubs, data can be effortlessly transferred wirelessly using our BLE 5.0 sensors.

Easy Installation

Installing our sensor is a breeze, requiring minimal effort and time.

High Accuracy

Accuracy of ± 0.2 ℃ for temperature, and 2% RH for humidity.

Wide Transmission Range

Operating distance up to 300m (open field).

Features & Benefits
Discover the power of a Solar Powered Tracking Device

  • Near Real-Time Monitoring
    Remotely manage your asset with device reporting every 60 minutes or configurable to every 10 seconds.
  • IP65 Rated
    Designed to be dust-tight and resistant to low-pressure water jets from any direction.
  • Easy Installation
    Installing our sensor is a breeze, requiring minimal effort and time.
  • Alerts
    Alerts sent when device is exposed to light for notifying users when parcels or luggage been open.
  • Replaceable Internal Battery
    Up to 8yrs reporting every 60mins / 5yrs reporting every 10s.
  • BLE 5.0 Sensors
    Compatible with the following MiFleet’s Solar Powered Tracking devices MFW2-12B, MFP2-SFB and MFSolarGuardX100.

Asset Tracking

Pallets, containers, tools, trailers… you name it, if it’s portable, we can track it.

Solution Sheet

Built to go anywhere and track everything
Introducing our revolutionary Asset Tracking Solution. Gain real-time visibility, customize profiles, and track assets with precision. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, access detailed reports, and stay mobile. Optimize operations, reduce loss, and save costs. Streamline asset management, elevate customer service, and ensure compliance. Unlock productivity and efficiency with our innovative solution.


Increase Asset Utilization, Reduce Fuel Consumption & Prevent Theft

Services and Trades

Increase Asset Utilization, Reduce Fuel Consumption & Prevent Theft

Services and Trades

Lower Costs, Increase Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction


Work Smarter and Focus More Time On Your Patients


Utility Equipment & Personnel Management

Features & Benefits
Discover the power of Asset Tracking.

  • Slap’N Track
    Easy to install with either 4 bolts or Magnetic Mounting with a built in Magnet.
  • Alerts & Notifications
    Be notified of triggered events such as confirmations, suspicious activity & arrival/departure times.
  • Weatherproof
    Weatherproof (IP67), meant for internal and external mounting.
  • Long Term Deployment
    Long battery life and can be used on any non-powered equipment or vehicle.
  • Real-Time Monitoring
    Remotely Manage your delivery vehicles with accurate, up to the minute location information.
  • Geofence Boundaries
    Customize highly frequent locations and be alerted when vehicles arrive & depart desired location boundary.

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