Control your entire IoT network from a powerful dashboard

It should be easy to manage a network of connected devices. The Soracom IoT Dashboard gives you full control over every SIM card that’s connected to our network, all from a single platform that’s easy to use.

The Soracom Dashboard

Why technology innovators connect devices to cellular with a Soracom SIM

  • Full control

    Complete control over your entire fleet of SIM cards. Group SIMs together, manage their connection speed, apply IMEI locks – and much more...

  • Real-time visibility

    An instant overview of your entire fleet of SIM cards, where you can manage data spending limits, and view usage across all connected devices.

  • A powerful API

    Easily export data from the Soracom IoT dashboard via API to create your own custom console, with the tools you need most directly at your fingertips.

The Soracom user console

With the Soracom User Console, you’ll have the ability to manage devices, control costs and keep your connectivity secure – all from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Developers can export a limitless amount of data from the User Console via API, so that you have complete control over your IoT network like never before.

The Soracom Dashboard beside the Soracom API

SIM Card Fleet Management

Organize your fleet of SIM cards and devices in the way that makes the most sense to you and your business, right from the Soracom IoT dashboard.

  • Manage SIMs logically with names, groups, and tags
  • View where all SIMS are connected on a map
  • Analyze data usage for individual SIM cards and groups
  • Configure DNS settings in the cloud, not on your device
Learn more about on-demand remote access

Event handler automations

Easily create Event Handler automations to deactivate SIM cards when they exceed a specified amount of data, receive email and text notifications and execute web requests.

  • Stay in control over your entire fleet of SIM cards and devices
  • Create automations easily, without any advanced technical experience
  • Configure more advanced automations with the Soracom API
Learn more about Event Handler

On-demand remote access

Perform remote maintenance and other typical remote access tasks, without relay servers or installing agent software on the device.

  • Secure, remote access at your fingertips
  • No need for any relay servers or installing agent software on the device
  • Connect using any TCP protocol, such as SSH, RDP, VNC, and HTTP/HTTPS
  • Removes all risks typically associated with exposing a public IP address
Learn more about on-demand remote access

Device Security

Keep your IoT network bulletproof with advanced security features that mitigate any risk your devices may face out in the field.

  • Restrict SIM usage to your device with IMEI lock
  • Add an extra layer of protection with CHAP authentication
  • Use Soracom’s Virtual Private Cloud to eliminate the risk of data threats
  • Connect to the cloud by bypassing the public internet

Cost management

Start, pause, and stop SIM cards right from the Soracom IoT dashboard. Stay in control of costs and keep your monthly bill as low as possible.

  • Only ever pay for the data your devices consume
  • Manage costs across a broad fleet of SIMs
  • Deactivate SIMs based on seasonality
  • An easy-to-use platform for creating automations

An M2M IoT SIM Card and eSIM with multiple configurations

Monitor your devices, automate lifecycle rules, iterate cloud services, identify usage patterns, and more.

Our powerful REST API gives you the ability to control every aspect of your fleet from the ground up.

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Connect to our REST API with Node JS
Connect to our REST API with cURL
Connect to our REST API with Python

A complete solution for IoT

The 4 sizes of SIM card, stacked together

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