On-demand Video Transfer Service for AWS KVS

Soracom Relay is a new option for connecting network cameras to the cloud

Inquiry About the Limited Preview

How Soracom Relay Works

Soracom Relay is a service that securely transfers video and audio from network cameras that support RTSP to the cloud via Soracom on demand. RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) is a protocol used to control the distribution of video and audio data from network cameras.

We chose the word “Relay” as the name of the service to express the action of receiving video from the camera and transferring it to the cloud.

When using RTSP, you need a client to request video streaming to the network camera. A common configuration is introducing an NVR (network video recorder) or VMS (video management software/system), receiving streaming video from the camera, and storing it in storage. In this case, the camera and its NVR or VMS are most likely connected within a local network. On the other hand, a configuration called a cloud camera, in which a network camera records video directly to the cloud via the Internet, is also becoming popular. In this case, it is necessary to install a unique firmware for the destination of the camera, or it is pre-installed and sold as a product dedicated to a specific service.

Soracom Relay operates on the Soracom platform which makes it easy to manage allows it to be used “on demand”. This means network cameras can be used for continuous recording on premise and Relay’s on-demand mechanism can operates only when necessary and stream the data to the cloud.


To try Soracom Relay, you need the following:

  • • Application for Soracom Relay Limited Preview
  • • RTSP server capable of delivering H.264 encoded video
  • • Network environment where Soracom Air or Soracom Arc can be used

Currently, Soracom Relay is provided as a Limited Preview. Please submit your application directly from the Soracom user console. For those who have applied, we may ask you about your use case before granting your access.

For a quick trial, we recommend a combination of an IP camera with WI-FI connectivity and a router that supports open-source VPN “WireGuard”. With Soracom Arc running on your WireGuard-enabled router and port forwarding enabled to your IP camera, you can Soracom Relay to access the camera’s RTSP stream directly. 

Currently, there are 4 options for the destination to which the Soracom Relay transfers video.

The first is Soracom Harvest Files, a file storage service provided by Soracom. A TS file separated every 30 seconds will be uploaded. We Recommend it for customers who want to complete the system with Soracom.

Next is Amazon Kinesis Video Streams (managed by Soracom). Data can be transferred to Amazon Kinesis Video Streams in an AWS account owned by Soracom, and video can be streamed via an HLS session. This option is recommended for customers who want to check and process video in real-time while keeping construction costs down.

Finally, I will introduce the two of them together. Amazon Kinesis Video Streams and Amazon S3. These are the environments that you, as our customer needs to prepare. It is necessary to allow connection from SORACOM’s AWS account in AWS’s IAM policy and trust policy.

Usage fee

SORACOM Relay functions are provided free of charge during the Limited Preview period. Please note that usage charges for SORACOM Air, SORACOM Arc, SORACOM Harvest Files, etc. used via SORACOM Relay will incur costs.