Delivering Affordable Bundled IoT Data with a US Local Profile

Nationwide Coverage and Simplified Pricing for IoT SIMs and eSIMs

Soracom’s plan-US offers nationwide, multicarrier 4G, 5G, LTE-M and NB-IoT data, including both major US carriers and regional carriers for maximum coverage density even in remote, rural areas.

Bundled Monthly Data Packages

Affordable self-service monthly data packages make deployment costs clear and predictable, with bundles available from 1MB up to 10GB to support IoT deployments at every stage from prototyping to full deployment.

Expandable Coverage Options

Plan-US can be combined with other Soracom plans to enhance the number of supported carrier profiles your SIM will support. Plan US-MAX adds Verizon and T-Mobile and Plan-NA expands coverage to include Canada and Mexico.

Support for Multicarrier Connections

A Soracom SIM/eSIM will let your devices connect to the best carrier and tower for the job. Stop juggling multiple carrier relationships, coverage maps, and multiple hardware SKUs.

Automatic Failover to the Best Carrier

If a single carrier has an outage or a local tower goes down, your devices can connect to another network automatically.

Developer Pricing – Monthly Data Packages

Soracom provides end-users and their development teams an opportunity to test and evaluate the Soracom network and platform tools without talking to sales. Sign up for an operator account, order a SIM, and start an IoT project.

Bundle NameMonthly FeeOverage Fee

Customers can change the bundle on a per-SIM basis from the User Console. When changing bundles, the bundle with the higher cost will apply for that month.

For example:
• Upgrading to a higher bundle: The higher bundle cost will be applied.
• Downgrading to a lower bundle: The higher bundle cost will continue until the end of the month, and the lower bundle cost will be applied starting from the following month.

Please note: To take advantage of Plan-US, you must purchase (or already have) Plan-US SIMs or eSIMs

Enterprise / Custom Deployment Pricing

New to Soracom?

If you’re new to Soracom but have an existing or upcoming deployment, we’re happy to work with you and walk you through your coverage options and available pricing structures. We will help you onboard with coverage and pricing based on your business model and deployment forecasts.

Existing Customers

If you’re an existing Soracom customer with existing deployment pricing, please contact us today to discuss how plan-US might get you the improved rural coverage or the support for local US carrier profiles you’re looking for.

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