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Learn how Soracom will change how you build, manage, and deploy connected devices using cellular in less time and requiring less development effort.

Data flows differently with Soracom

As a cloud-native cellular network, Soracom (re)designed core telecommunications infrastructure to operate on AWS, overcoming many of the technical constraints responsible for high costs, long lead times, and development delays.

Soracom’s network architecture deploys projects faster and drastically reduces the burden put on IoT development teams by applying modern cloud-native software design principles.

Bridge multiple cellular carriers with one network

Your SIM/eSIM facilitates connections with regional carrier towers, but 100% of the routing and management of data packets will flow through Soracom’s virtualized packet gateway in the cloud.

Monitor and limit data usage, throttle speeds, and maintain secure device networks using multiple cellular carriers at the same time.

Setup direct data pipelines to cloud platforms

Transmit data over cellular between IoT devices and cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and even private VPNs – without any complex configuration, or the need to store credentials or install SDKs on the actual hardware.

Create an ultra-secure Intranet of Things network

Device networks on Soracom can choose to turn off all external access to the public internet, directly routing all network traffic to an IoT platform, private cloud, or corporate network without the cost, commitment, or long lead times for private APN setup and configuration. With Soracom, setup is measured in minutes, not months.

Learn more about private networking

Integrate blended networks of non-cellular devices

Comfortably manage a blended network of devices using cellular, LPWA, WiFi, ethernet, or even satellite (in select regions) while leveraging the same platform services and secure private networking options.

Learn more about managing blended networks

Control every connection

Manage devices, control costs and keep your connectivity secure with the Soracom IoT Dashboard and User Console

Manage SIM cards individually with custom groups and tags

Monitor activity and organize your SIM cards and devices in your User Console. By assigning, grouping, and tagging SIMs you can generate reports, set alerts, and add helpful context. Group by customer location, set tags for device type or where it was installed (e.g. North Boiler Room)

Example: Want to know where a group of specific devices are connecting? Display the connections on a map.

Start, pause, or stop service for inactive or seasonal SIMs

Start, pause, and stop SIM cards right from the Soracom IoT dashboard. Control your costs and keep your monthly bill as low as possible. Manually deactivate SIMs based on seasonality or create automated sequences to manage SIM lifecycle across your entire device fleet.

Take action before a device uses too much data

Address expensive mistakes before they happen by using the Event Handler. When SIMs reach a configurable data use threshold you can send email or text notifications, post a Slack message (by executing a web request), or even deactivate the SIM. This only scratches the surface of what Event Handler can do for you.

Learn more about Soracom Event Handler

Avoid abuse and lock a SIM to a specific device

If you’re concerned about unauthorized users moving a physical SIM to another device, limit SIM cards to be used only in the devices they’re intended for with IMEI lock from the user console.

Need more security? Use CHAP authentication to add an extra layer of username and password authentication on top of SIM authentication.

Remotely access any device in the field through your SIM

Perform on-demand remote access for maintenance and other typical remote access tasks, without relay servers or installing agent software on the device.

Learn more about on-demand remote access

Open a port on a device for up to 8 hours within the User Console and then use SSH or your favorite remote access client.

Made with developers in mind

Developers have the option to manage, integrate, and build connectivity into their projects with the tools they are most comfortable with.

Build any Soracom console features into your own software

If you prefer code, use Soracom’s CLI (command line interface) to manually call our REST API or integrate REST API calls in your own software to replicate features of the User Console. There is no single development path to implement connectivity with Soracom.

Use developer guides and documentation to learn more

Access detailed developer guides, documentation, and downloads for Soracom SDKs, code libraries, and tools.

Review the code repository of example projects

Get started quickly and leverage a repository of example project code catalog of GitHub repos.

Soracom Named as a Visionary in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Managed IoT Connectivity Services, Worldwide

Get the Gartner overview of Managed IoT Connectivity Service vendors.

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