Soracom Junction
Soracom Junction
Soracom Junction

IoT Packet Inspection

Traffic flow management for IoT data

IoT Packet Inspection (and more)

Junction supports inspection, mirroring, and redirection of packets passing through a Virtual Private Gateway (VPG).

Monitor status of data traffic based on real-time statistical traffic information, or apply business rules using your own applications.

For complete technical details, use cases, and instructions for getting started, visit the Soracom developer site.

What does Junction solve?

Threat Detection

Use packet mirroring to detect potential intrusions

Custom Data Routing

Specify the destination for any packet passing through your Virtual Private Gateway.

Packet Analysis

Analyze each packet passing through your VPG and visualize packet data.


Junction’s Mirroring function copies and sends packets passing through the VPG to a specified address.

This capability can help to reduce the risk of threat for IoT devices by including intrusion detection or warning engines in the mirror address.



Junction’s Redirection function lets you customize data routing
so that a packet passing through your Virtual Private Gateway will always be passed through a specified server.

For example, you can send data through a traffic control engine to prioritize sensor data and alerts over file distribution and firmware downloads, or establish business rules to allow only specific application communications.


Junction’s Inspection function analyzes packets passing through the VPG, allowing application discrimination and reporting of data statistics.

Packet data can be used with SORACOM Harvest to visualize the communication destinations of IoT device data and identify the main access destinations for personal/corporate communication services.

Packet statistics can also be sent to the address of your choice, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Virtual Private Gateway

Virtual Private Gateways (VPGs) to peer with your AWS Virtual
Private Cloud.

  • VPGs provide a number of useful capabilities for IoT, including:
  • Assign SIMs to Groups for access control
  • Reassign SIMs and Groups on the fly
  • Secure IP addresses for large numbers of devices
  • Connect to secure systems or to the Internet

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