Soracom Leadership Statements

Every member of the Soracom team is a leader and we strive to act according to these leadership statements in our individual efforts and in every interaction with our customers, partners and colleagues.

There is always room for improvement, and we grow steadily as a team and as a company by gathering, understanding, and acting on feedback at every opportunity. Here are the leadership statements that guide our success and growth:

Customer Centric

Listen to the customer, understand their real needs, and let that understanding guide your decisions and actions. Pay attention to shifting market conditions and competitive landscape, but don’t be distracted by competition. Maintain focus on actions that will create value for our current and future customers.


Believe that you and your team have the power to bring about the future you imagine. Rather than allocating blame or focusing on obstacles, take ownership, think about what you can do now and act.

Just Do It

Prioritize the right balance of quality and speed over your idea of perfection. Take calculated risks and if you fall short, learn from the experience.


Continuous improvement is the cornerstone of Kaizen. In every task, recognize what works well and what could be improved, and take initiative to address it as locally as possible. Seek to diagnose and cure diseases, not patch up symptoms – we should always get to the root cause rather than just change.

Think Without Boundaries

See the big picture. Imagine opportunities beyond the context of existing constraints and organizations. Think outside the box, solve bigger problems and innovate. Always strive for a broader perspective based on your knowledge of surroundings, anticipate the future and prepare for it.

Dive Deep

We should strive to be hands-on and passionate about our business. We have an obligation to our team and our customers to understand the full implications of each decision and validate based on data rather than relying on intuition — even if we’ve been right in the past.

Respectfully Disagree, and Commit once agreed

If you see a better way, your team and customers deserve that you promote it to the best of your ability. Once all points of view have been considered, we succeed together by executing on the plan without looking back or saying “I told you so.”

Emotionally Mature

Understand emotions of the team, recognize mood, and enhance team motivation. Introspect and speak openly of your own weaknesses and mistakes. Don’t allow temporary setbacks or negative feelings to impact your perspective or your relationships.

Connected Trust

We strive to bring people together with relationships based on trust. Always be respectful to customers, partners, and colleagues, and gain trust by demonstrating responsible work.

Be Right A Lot

Make decisions quickly based on your own experience and conscience rather than trying to come up with a decision that is perfect, but re-examine them and don’t be afraid to change your mind as your understanding grows. Continuously update opinions and decisions based on information received. If you can’t adapt to changing circumstances and new information, you’ll only be right once.


Before we are professionals we are all human beings. It is natural to prefer to have positive, uplifting people around us. As a company and as individuals within the company, we should strive to exemplify those traits. Prize humour and positivity. Always act in accordance with a vision of an organization supporting fair and open platform business.

Avoid Muda

Make efficient use of both money and time. We should strive to continuously reduce operating costs and pass the benefit on to customers.

Develop Dream Team

Always choose the best talent and do not lower the bar. We encourage learning new things and experiences, give opportunities to improve, and develop the team to become successful leaders. Remember that we are stronger as a team and every individual matters.

Share Everything You Can

Share information throughout the team, double the joy and halve sorrow. Be transparent in communication throughout the team and do not create silos.

Deliver Results

Be persistent and never give up. Strive to achieve the goal with diligence and good faith, reach out for help when required, and make it happen.