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River Monitoring with an IoT Flow Meter

Send flow rate measurements to the cloud and monitor them in real-time with Soracom Harvest and AWS IoT.

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SORACOM: Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture is very topical these days, so I will give you a conceptual solution for Smart Agriculture with SORACOM and devices.

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Soracom Powered GNSS Tracker

A Soracom GNSS tracker with motion detection, data visualization, and rule-based alerts.

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The Canary: A Portable Air Quality Monitor

Air quality on the job is overlooked. Respirators are uncomfortable. But do you know what you're breathing in? Learn how to build your own.

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Monitor the world's rivers and lakes through a collaborative cloud allowing you to monitor any body of water with a fleet of devices.

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Use a fleet of devices to monitor the soil in an agricultural field or greenhouse, and visualize the data remotely.

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Big Brother @ Home – Wireless AI Security System

An intelligent wireless security system that recognizes friends or foes using the latest AI image recognition algorithms.

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Arduino MKR GSM 1400: Cellular IoT Data Visualisation

Using the MKR GSM 1400 to collect and visualise data from a battery operated IoT sensor over a cellular connection.

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Park&Go: Smart Parking System for Vehicles

This computer vision-based parking system makes vehicle parking process super easy.

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I decided to create SoraHealth, a device with the ability to send a notification to get help quickly by just pressing a button.

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nowo’s ark – LTE Version

An inexpensive flood detection system for developing countries.

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Follow My Paws

Sometimes we need to send pets with parcel services. How can we be sure they're fine at all times? Take into consideration how baggage.

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Intelligent Drowsiness Monitor for Safer Driving Through CV

If it is not possible to do it, as a solution I create the drowsiness monitor to avoid falling asleep while driving.

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Aquarium Monitoring with AWS-Seeed-Soracom

If our pollution adversely affects the environment, then, it's our responsibility to protect the environment, humans, plants, and animals.

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AWS Greengrass Core with Soracom HSM eUICC

The goal here is to generate a set of RSA 2048 keys directly on the Soracom SIM to manage the HTTP and MQTT communications.

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Smart Wear Based on Soracom Technology

In the last month, I have become interested in applications related to smart wear, able to use IoT tools to monitor your body.

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IoT Cellular Connectivity on Raspberry Pi and Linux Devices

A quick guide to adding cellular connectivity to Raspberry Pi with Huawei MS2131 Dongle

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Bus Tracker

Bus Tracker using Soracom Cellular Device, AWS, a couple raspberry pi's and Waveshare E-Ink Display

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Remote Control Cloud-Enabled Christmas Tree Lights

To control tree lights remotely, we set up a cellular data connection for maximum flexibility and uptime.

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SUQM – Soracom Urban Quality Monitoring System

A fully-equipped, low-cost urban quality monitoring system for cities in developing countries, powered by Soracom and AWS.

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LEGO EV3 and Soracom – Connect Robots to the Cloud

Getting started with robotics has never been easier now with Lego Mindstorm and Soracom Air Global IoT SIM and Management Console.

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Taking AWS DeepLens Mobile with Soracom Cellular IoT

Using Soracom Air to add cellular connectivity to AWS DeepLens.

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IAMSEC (Indoor Air Monitor & Security) 24/7 Housesitter

The IAMSEC housesitter gives homeowners peace of mind that their property is being monitored by a robust IoT device, free of intrusive data.

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Lastleaf – IoT Service for Vehicles During Accidents

Lastleaf rescues from road accidents by sending automated SOS using Raspberry Pi, Android application, Soracom service and Internet.

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