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Remotely control cloud-enabled Christmas tree lights with cellular IoT

Xmas Special   Christmas is a time for connection, and since we’re always looking for ways to connect we sat down with our friends at Station F and FOCUS x UsineIO to come up with some new IoT use cases for the holiday. First up, the IoT Christmas Tree! The classic Christmas tree string light […]

IoT Cellular connectivity on Raspberry Pi and Linux devices – a beginner’s guide

When getting started with IoT, a lot of people begin with a look into Raspberry Pi or a Linux-capable device such as, for example, Orange Pi, Beaglebone, or Intel Edison. Raspberry Pi using Cellular Dongles   After the initial prototyping phase, it can be very good to add an un-tethered connection to your Linux-capable device. […]

resin.io Spring IoT Hackathon

Last weekend we had the opprtunity to join the resin.io team for their Spring IoT Hackathon in London. Following our recent launch event at MWC/4YFN in Barcelona, it was a nice to start to engage with European Hackathon community. We filled our carry-on bags with 3G Dongles and Soracom Air SIM cards and started the day by joining in the resin.io […]