Delivering on the future of IoT – Soracom’s new website and key milestones

A new look for

Back in February, I announced my on-boarding with Soracom — time flies and the past six plus months have been quite a ride! Today, we are excited to announce a new look and improved navigation for our website.

A new look for

A new look for


We have redesigned the look and feel, messaging, and navigation to provide an improved user experience more in line with our vision, culture, and growing success. We have made our products page more accessible and added new customer case studies. We are also now providing free SIMs to make it easier to test out our services.

New customers and case studies

But that’s just the web site. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes as well, which makes this a great time to share some key updates regarding the business behind the site.

IoT case studies across industries and around the world

IoT case studies across industries and around the world


In April, we crossed the 10,000 customer mark, a key milestone for Soracom since the day we launched our SORACOM Air IoT connectivity service in September 2015 . It’s a privilege to support the highly motivated customers that are making a difference in the Internet of Things space across industries and around the world, and we’re happy to share some of our favorite use cases, from smart vending machines and connected wheelchairs to intelligent power plants and even connected cows.

New partners and investments

One thing that makes IoT both exciting and challenging is that no single company owns the complete solution. We view IoT as a team sport and partners play a crucial role in our business. Our partner ecosystem has now expanded to over 100 companies, including device partners, integration partners, solution partners, and network partners, and we were pleased to announce a global partnership with Montréal-based Mnubo, a global provider of AI-driven insights for IoT.

Representative Partners
We are also taking a more active role in building out the IoT ecosystem with the launch of the $180 million Soracom IoT Fund. It’s been our pleasure over the past few months to announce significant investments in here in Seattle, a market leader in software deployment for IoT devices, and Singapore-based Unabiz, the leading Sigfox LPWA provider for the APAC region. We’re looking forward to making more investment announcements in the coming months, and we welcome inquiries from startups around the world developing key enabling technologies for IoT.

At Soracom, we listen closely to our customers and we take a lot of pride in our pace of innovation. During our annual Discovery conference in July we announced a number of releases including Krypton, our secure IoT device provisioning service, and Lagoon, our serverless IoT dashboard service. Both of these services address common pain points identified in collaboration with our customers as they designed, prototyped, and released IoT projects at scale.

We also announced the SORACOM LTE-M Button, a programmable IoT 1-Click button that can securely connect to the Cloud right out of the box, a joint product released with our partner AWS.

And new, lower prices for IoT connectivity

Last but not least, we have made several key updates to our pricing. We announced our automatic volume discount pricing in May. The more bandwidth your IoT solution consumes, the less $/MB you will pay.

Our customer base has now grown to over 10,000 users around the world, and this growing scale has given us the opportunity to reduce data cost twice over the past 6 months, first in May and then again in September.

2018 has been exciting for us as we have grown our customer base, expanded our partner network, accelerated our product release cycle, and delivered on our ongoing commitment to offer our customers the best pricing and value.

We’re here for one reason: to help our customers succeed. We are continuously innovating and have several new projects in the works including:

  • Soracom IoT workshops for both enterprise and developers
  • A Soracom IoT Startup Package to help startups quickly ramp up from proof-of-concept to production.


We hope you enjoy our new website and we are always interested to learn about new projects and share your success on our blog or website — so please reach out and let us know about your IoT successes!