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How-to: AWS Greengrass core with Soracom HSM eUICC

When I was first introduced to the concept of Hardware Security Module (HSM) back in 2008, I imagined that it was a huge computer heavily guarded with physical security access protocols. It turned out my concept was a little exaggerated. Wikipedia defines the HSM as “a physical computing device that safeguards and manages digital keys […]

Delivering on the future of IoT – Soracom’s new website and key milestones

Back in February, I announced my on-boarding with Soracom — time flies and the past six plus months have been quite a ride! Today, we are excited to announce a new look and improved navigation for our website. A new look for soracom.io   We have redesigned the look and feel, messaging, and navigation to provide an […]

AWS hosts IoT Innovators Event in San Francisco

We’re always appropriately cautious about events held on Friday the 13th, but today’s AWS IoT Innovators Event, focused around the Smart Home, not only bucked the curse but exceeded all expectations. We always loved the old AWS Loft in San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood, but we have to admit that the new space is both more […]

Connecting AWS DeepLens with 3G/LTE and Soracom

AWS DeepLens plus Soracom IoT SIM   AWS DeepLens was first announced at AWS re:Invent 2017, and it’s been a long 6 months of waiting, but shipping day is here at last. Here at Soracom that means at least half the team is obsessively checking tracking updates and canceling weekend plans. For those new to […]

For Industry 4.0, OEMs need a cellular first IoT strategy

On the journey to Industry 4.0, the first step is getting assets connected to the cloud. But what type of connection should you use? WiFi? LTE Cat-1? NB-IoT? The acronyms alone are enough to make anyone’s head spin. In this post, I’ll dive deeper into why OEMs should connect their equipment to cellular instead of […]

SORACOM Canal private networking now supports AWS VPC inter-region peering

We are super excited to announce today the release of one of the single most-requested features for SORACOM platform. SORACOM Canal, our private networking service, extended feature to support AWS VPC inter-region peering. SORACOM Canal integrates with AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) peering to create a secure, private connection between your IoT devices and your […]

From Amazon Web Services to Soracom IoT, it’s always Day One

  Over the past seven years, I was incredibly fortunate to play a role at Amazon Web Services as they became the worldwide leader in cloud services. It was a privilege to build the Japanese business from scratch before leading the global sales and BD teams for database, analytics, and AI services. In these roles, […]

AWS DeepLens and Soracom Cellular IoT

  When the end of November comes around, I always think of Las Vegas. Yes, there’s Thanksgiving too, but for the past six years I’ve also been making the pilgrimage to the desert with the rest of the AWS community for AWS re:Invent! And every year, the community keeps growing. When I first attended in […]

IoT 101: Get started easily and scale quickly with the Soracom Platform

Even for cloud-fluent developers, building for IoT can present a new kind of challenge. The Soracom platform is designed to make getting started easy and to scale as you do, with more advanced services available once you’re connected.   Where it all starts   From basic connectivity to advanced cloud integration, our philosophy carries across […]