eSIMs for Smart Devices: From Integration to Operation

When the hardware requirements of a cellular smart device switch from a removable SIM card to using an embedded eSIM, stakeholders often start asking questions that you may not have immediate answers to; “Will how it works change? What can be done with the hardware? Will it cost more? Will eSIM make the job for those managing plans and deployed devices harder? Are we getting locked in?”

Join Soracom and NeuronicWorks for a webinar for professionals planning to integrate eSIM technology into their products and looking for answers to common stakeholder questions about what to expect when integrating an eSIM. We will focus on preparation strategies, impact on hardware design, and close with answering practical operational questions that most stakeholders ask about when moving to an eSIM that gets soldered onto the circuit board. 

What You Will Learn

  • Considerations before integrating eSIM into your device architecture
  • How eSIM technology influences form factor, power consumption, and operations
  • An overview of the technical terminology including eUICC, RSP, SGP02, SGP22, and SGP32
  • Strategies for improving device performance and reducing data consumption
  • Options for streamlining device authentication, certificate management, and ongoing costs
  • How operations teams manage plan changes, add additional cellular coverage, deactivate devices, and monitor the health and connection status of your devices

Let’s talk about your interest in multicarrier eSIM for IoT