Introducing Soracom Support Bot: Using Gen AI to Answer Customer Questions

online support bot, virtual assistant, Soracom Support Bot blog. image by Adobe Stock

At Soracom, providing our customers with the support and care they deserve is paramount. To this end, we are proud to introduce the Soracom Support Bot, a web tool designed to leverage generative AI to assist our customer’s inquiries, that has now been made available as a Public Beta.

Overview of Soracom Support

Soracom strives to provide customers with the best technical and billing support using our IoT platform. Users can create inquiries within the Soracom User Console via the ‘Support’ menu in the top right of the screen.

From here, users can transition to the Soracom support site, where they can create new inquiries (Submit a Request) and check on past ones.

Setting Up Soracom Support Bot

Once the Soracom support site has been reached, clicking the ‘Submit a Request’ button allows users to enter questions in the inquiry form.

There are various categories of inquiries, but in this latest release, we now offer the option to let the Soracom Support Bot field any questions about technical specifications or usage. Simply check the optional box at the bottom of the form to test out this new feature. 

Why Use the Soracom Support Bot?

The Soracom Support Bot uses the Azure OpenAI Service to generate an appropriate response to the questions posed in the ‘Subject’ and ‘Description’ sections of the inquiry form. It does so by scouring Soracom’s expansive library of technical documents to provide the best answer to a query in the shortest amount of time. While a human response from one of our customer reliability engineers may be more thorough and nuanced, their replies can take some time to craft. The Support Bot, on the other hand, is able to produce high-quality answers within mere minutes.

In the Beta release, the Soracom Support Bot currently provides only the initial response to inquiries. Any follow up inquiries will be handled by Soracom’s support staff. 

For other restrictions and notes, please refer to the user documentation.

The Support Bot actually reflects considerable testing as a query bot on Soracom’s internal Slack network. Once satisfied with its accuracy, it was time to roll out the public beta to our customers. This release aims to further develop the service through customer feedback. 

As you can see in this image, our internal Slack Bot is already in its third iteration.

The Continued Evolution of Our Customer Experience

The Customer Reliability Engineer team that is responsible for Soracom’s support is committed to putting our customers at ease. It is our team’s goal to drive our customers’ anxiety to zero, which means addressing concerns by not only supporting our customers but also by developing thorough technical documentation and support infrastructure to match. This means trying new techniques and technologies to help streamline our support process, which is what led us to employ generative AI to help customers resolve their concerns more quickly and accurately.


Got a question for Soracom? Whether you’re an existing customer, interested in learning more about our product and services, or want to learn about our Partner program – we’d love to hear from you!