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Announcing the Soracom IoT Technology Accelerator

Soracom was founded with a simple but ambitious mission: to create a more connected world by making it as easy as possible for IoT startups and developers to get their projects from prototype to public release. In the process, we learned a lot: how to make connectivity simple and affordable, how to optimize connections between […]

Soracom Cellular IoT for Wildlife Management

You may not know Martha Zimet’s name, but if you’re reading this on a mobile device there’s a good chance that you’ve benefited from her work. Over the course of a 30 year career in Silicon Valley, she developed embedded systems for companies like Nokia and Pixar, and she shares credit for key patents related […]

Delivering on the future of IoT – Soracom’s new website and key milestones

Back in February, I announced my on-boarding with Soracom — time flies and the past six plus months have been quite a ride! Today, we are excited to announce a new look and improved navigation for our website. A new look for soracom.io   We have redesigned the look and feel, messaging, and navigation to provide an […]

AgTech and IoT together at Seeds of Our Future

Smart Farming and AgTech offer some of the most promising new use cases within the growing Internet of Things. Our growing ability to improve crop yields, limit crops lost to waste and spoilage, and improve conditions for farm workers while conserving scarce water and soil resources offers a genuine opportunity to make a material difference […]

Lower cost cellular IoT with expanded global coverage.

  Back in May, when we announced lower pricing for Soracom data service in the US and Canada, we noted that it wasn’t the first time we’d reduced prices, and we promised that it wouldn’t be the last. We’re serious about offering the most secure, simple, and affordable connectivity available for IoT, and we’re happy […]

Industrial IoT and LPWA connectivity – future proofing industrial IoT

Industrial OEMs, distributors, and customers face a challenging question: how do I capture value from IoT today while avoiding a costly overhaul tomorrow? Invest too early, and rapid changes in connectivity technology will leave most IT departments under water. Invest too late, and the competition will undercut you as they find innovative ways to reduce […]

Industrial OEMs: why a cellular first IoT strategy makes sense

In the first blog post of this series, Rich Rogers discussed the first step to joining the Industrial IoT revolution: connecting your equipment to the cloud. In the next blog post, we discussed some different ways to get connected, and how we firmly believe cellular is the way forward for OEMs. Today, I’ll be diving […]

For Industry 4.0, OEMs need a cellular first IoT strategy

On the journey to Industry 4.0, the first step is getting assets connected to the cloud. But what type of connection should you use? WiFi? LTE Cat-1? NB-IoT? The acronyms alone are enough to make anyone’s head spin. In this post, I’ll dive deeper into why OEMs should connect their equipment to cellular instead of […]

Soracom drops IoT connectivity prices and introduces automatic volume discounts

  As our CTO and co-founder Kenta Yasukawa announced today at IoT World 2018, Soracom is reducing prices across the board for IoT connectivity in the US and Canada beginning June 1st. On top of that, we’re adding a new, automatic volume discount pricing. The more bandwidth your IoT solution consumes, the less $/MB you […]

Join the Industrial IoT Revolution

  Fire up your industrial assets and get ready to join the Industrial IoT Revolution. Digital transformation is rippling through every industrial vertical, and dramatically changing how the world operates. The leading practices and technologies that emerged from the Digital Revolution are now making their way into industrial operations. In a very real sense, we […]