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Creating an IoT Application

Soracom allows technical innovators to build IoT applications that transmit and visualize data quickly – whether they integrate with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, or not.

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  • Transmit data from your device
  • View data transmitted from your device
  • Manage SIM card statuses
  • Diagnose connectivity problems
  • Build IoT applications on a shoestring budget
  • Scale your IoT prototype

Building Your IoT Application

During prototyping, Soracom helps you focus on device-side development without the need to invest time up-front on cloud-side configuration.

Build your IoT project with peace of mind knowing that Soracom will integrate directly with whichever cloud platform you eventually choose. Our built-in tools help get your project jump-started, leaving you to focus on what’s most important… building a great IoT application.

Connecting to Soracom

Transmit data from your device

Send data from your device to our IoT platform in minutes. Everything is stored in our servers and can be directly integrated with your chosen cloud platform, once you’ve chosen the right one for you.

Cellular Connectivity

Transmit data from your device over cellular, across 2G/3G, 4G LTE or Cat-M1.

Order SIM cards

WiFi and Ethernet

Connect your prototype over your home or office internet, then transition to cellular when ready.

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Data Visualization

View and analyze Data

Build advanced charts and graphs without writing any code. Visualizations help you validate your project early and often, and gain valuable insight into how your devices perform.

Simple data storage

See data coming in from your devices and create data visualizations on the fly.

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Serverless Dashboards

Build beautiful, serverless dashboards that visualize your IoT data from all your devices.

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Nice to know: Soracom won’t store any of your data by default, though everything can be stored in your Soracom cloud environment if you choose. You can also integrate data to any cloud platform at any time, with just a few clicks.

Made for developers

Build with code or console

Soracom gives you the option to build in whatever way you are most comfortable.

Develop your IoT application either from a simple user interface – or if you prefer getting your hands dirty with code, with a CLI using our powerful REST API.

IoT Management console
Soracom API

Simple user console

Control your IoT network configuration with an easy-to-use console.

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Detailed documentation

Access detailed developer guides, libraries, and SDKs.

Read Developer Docs

GitHub repos

Get started quickly with a catalog of example code.

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Self-serve troubleshooting

Run SIM connectivity diagnostics

Sometimes, things go wrong and devices don’t connect. When this happens, SIM connectivity diagnostics help you get to the root of the problem fast, and show you how to troubleshoot yourself.

Quick troubleshooting

Soracom will identify when a device isn’t connecting and give you the tools to help diagnose the issue.

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Remote hardware access

Ping your device from the web console/API to check end-to-end reachability, run packet capturing, and use secure remote access as needed.

Cost Control

Protoype on a shoestring

Discover a developer-friendly IoT platform with free tiers for many platform services. There are no upfront costs, and you’ll only ever pay for the data and services you need.

Affordable connectivity

As Soracom signs up more customers, we get better rates with mobile operators. These discounted rates are passed on to our customers, meaning you always get the most affordable IoT connectivity for your project.

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Stay in control of costs

Set up automations to get alerts or even pause service when SIM cards exceed expected thresholds. You can even automtically invoke a cloud function on AWS Lambda, Azure Function, or Google Function.

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Works on virtually ANY device

Soracom supports custom hardware and all leading IoT microcontrollers, single-board computers, cellular modules, and cellular gateways – including Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more.

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Recommended IoT Hardware

Don’t have a device yet? Soracom’s IoT store also has a selection of great devices to help you get started, from basic USB dongles to complete starter kits.


Easily connect more devices to your growing network

Now that your prototype is connected correctly and transmitting data, it’s time to scale!

Easily connect additional devices to your Soracom account, and order more SIM cards as and when you need them.

With Soracom, there’s no minimum order quantity, no long-term contracts, and no account manager to speak to (but we’re here if you need us!).


Connecting IoT Devices to AWS, GCP and Azure

Build your business on a modern, serverless IoT backend that’s designed for scale. Use the setup you built in Soracom for creating your IoT application and integrate directly with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

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