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Managing a Network of Devices at Scale

When you’re deploying your IoT application at scale, Soracom helps you stay in control of everything, every step of the way. We make it easy to manage a blended network of IoT devices, no matter where in the world they are deployed.

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  • Scaling your IoT application
  • Full control over every device
  • Mitigating risk in your IoT infrastructure
  • Build with code or console
  • Securely provision IoT devices

A Unified IoT network

Soracom is the only IoT platform where technical innovators can manage an entire network of blended devices, all through a single, unified console and CLI.

Connect a vast number of devices at scale over cellular, LPWA, WiFi, and satellite networks, managing every connection from a single platform.

Manage IoT Devices


Effortlessly scale your IoT application

Soracom can help you comfortably manage a blended network of many thousands of devices, all of which can connect over a mix of cellular, LPWA, WiFi, Ethernet, and satellite.

SIM lifecycle management

Activate and deactivate SIM cards in bulk whenever you need to.

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Volume discounts

Acces volume discounts for bulk orders when you’re growing at scale.

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Total control

Full control over every device

Limit SIM cards to only be used in the devices they’re intended for with IMEI lock, and apply CHAP authentication to restrict SIM access.

IMEI lock

Restrict SIM cards to your devices with IMEI lock to avoid unexpected data charges.

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CHAP authentication

Add an extra layer of username and password authentication on top of SIM authentication.

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IoT Device Management

Total security

Mitigate any risk in your IoT infrastructure

Soracom enables device-to-private network and device-to-device data transfer via a Virtual Private Gateway (VPG). Devices can freely communicate with their servers and each other without exposing themselves to an external network.

Private network

Create a private network that supports bi-directional communications with a private IP address space. Traffic is segregated and routed privately to a specified destination as if you were to use a private APN.

Internet gateway option

Choose whether or not you add an internet gateway to your IoT setup, enabling a completely protected private network.

Soracom’s advanced security and networking tools are helping businesses meet industry compliance regulations like HIPAA or PCI more easily.

Made for developers

Build with code or console

Soracom gives you the option to build in whatever way you are most comfortable.

Develop your IoT application either from a simple user interface – or if you prefer getting your hands dirty with code, with a CLI using our powerful REST API.

IoT Management console
Soracom API

Plug-and-play console

Control your IoT network configuration with an easy-to-use console.

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Detailed documentation

Access detailed developer guides, libraries, and SDKs.

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GitHub repos

Get started quickly with a catalog of example code.

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Device Management by Soracom Door


A secure, dedicated VPN connection

Create a fully secure cellular data connection between devices and your on-premises or cloud-based systems using the AWS Virtual Private Network (VPN) feature.

Secure architecture

Supports secure cellular access to existing systems and data centers.

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Private networking

Connect through private IP addresses over cellular, creating a closed network between your devices and back-end systems.

Manage IoT Devices with Krypton


Securely provision IoT devices

Soracom offers on-demand provisioning of credentials and connection destinations based on SIM authentication. This helps streamline the design and manufacture process, increases flexibility, and saves both time and cost.

Device bootstrapping on demand

SIM contains a unique identity and authentication credentials. You can use a common firmware image for all the devices during manufacturing and bootstrap each device with a unique set of authentication credentials when they are turned on.

Dynamic configuration and credential management

A cloud service resource such as AWS IoT Thing can be created on-demand when the device requests to bootstrap. The support for Amazon Cognito enables provisioning temporary AWS session credentials on demand.

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Nice to know: By enabling a VPG in Soracom you can configure a fixed IP address for your IoT traffic. You can then assign this address to an unlimited number of SIM connections and use IP-based rules to control access to backend systems.


Connecting IoT Devices to AWS, GCP and Azure

Build your business on a modern, serverless IoT backend that’s designed for scale. Use the setup you built in Soracom for creating your IoT application and integrate directly with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

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