Soracom Global IoT ecoSIM Card

Soracom Global IoT ecoSIM Card

Product code: SGPSL01-01-1
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Our quarter-sized ecoSIM card uses 75% less plastic than a regular SIM, and breaks down into 2FF, 3FF, and 4FF form factors.

Introducing a super-charged SIM card, that offers way more than just IoT connectivity.

Easily connect your device to the cloud with a Soracom IoT SIM Card, then access a whole world of possibilities – including Protocol Management, Cloud Integrations, Private IoT Networking, and more.

Soracom SIM Card Features

  • ecoSIM that uses 75% less plastic than a regular SIM card
  • Cellular data plans for 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and Cat-M1 with coverage in 150 countries
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing – only ever pay only for the data you use
  • A totally secure IoT connection that bypasses the public internet
  • Direct integration with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Easy network control and management with the Soracom Console and API

SIM Mechanical Specification

Soracom Iot SIM Card Mechanical Specification

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Soracom IoT SIM Card Capabilities

SIM Local Info
The Soracom SIM card applet can pull device location, remaining charge, and more.

Metadata Service
View, update, or even change device connection information over HTTP. No SDK or credentials required.

Restrict SIMs to specific devices to prevent tampering.

SMS Communication
Send SMS messages to devices, between devices, or from devices to your servers. Limitations apply, see our documentation for more info.

CHAP Authentication
Protect connections with a username and password.

Data Usage Monitoring
Data usage for every IoT and M2M SIM card is charted in the user console and always available via API.

Any questions?

If you’d like to learn more about the Soracom IoT SIM card, our team of IoT experts would love to hear from you! You can contact us here.

Technical Specification

Product Name Product code Form Factor Application
Soracom IoT ecoSIM Card SG001 3-in-1 (2FF/3FF/4FF) USIM/SIM
Software Features
Java Card™ 3.0.1
3GPP Release 11
OTA over SMS (SCP80)
OTA over HTTPs: Global Platform 2.2 amendment B (SCP81)
Java Card™ Cryptographic APIs
CRC16, CRC32
AES 128 bits, 256 bits
Soracom Subscription Container applet
Soracom Local Information applet
Hardware Features
Supply voltage 1.62V to 3.3V (Class B/C)
NVM (non volatile memory) available 128 Kbytes
Operating Temperature -25°C to +85°C
M2M qualification (ETSI 102.671) NA
Data retention Up to 10 years at 85°C
Compliance RoHS compliant

Soracom Global IoT ecoSIM Card

Soracom Global IoT ecoSIM Card
Rated 4.9 from 14 reviews