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Reducing IoT data costs

When you’re managing a network of IoT devices at scale, every byte of data you can save counts. Soracom helps tech innovators keep IoT data costs low, without compromising performance or security.

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  • Use less data, get more control
  • Stay in control of costs
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Convert data with code or console
  • IoT Protocol Conversion
  • Send optimized data to the cloud

Keep your costs low

Soracom provides a number of different tools for keeping costs as low as they can be, and for staying in control of how much data devices are consuming out in the field.

Reduce your data costs

Use less data, get more control

Reduce costs by securely transmitting data from your device via a lightweight protocol and converting to a cloud-native, full-fledged protocol in Soracom. We support UDP, TCP, MQTT, and HTTP on the device-side, which is converted to HTTPS before sending to the cloud.

Protocol conversion

Reduce fees by transmitting data with lightweight protocols on an already secured cellular link – all while maintaining encryption between Soracom and external cloud services.

Secure cloud integrations

Optimized data can be sent directly to your cloud of choice, either Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.

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Service without SURPRISES

Stay in control of costs

Managing a network of connections and devices at scale is an easy way to see costs start to escalate. Keep in full control of your data costs with Soracom, and avoid any unexpected charges or surprises.


Set up event handler automations, such as deactivating a SIM when its data usage has exceeded a certain amount.

Usage monitoring

See exactly how much data any SIM (or group of SIMs) has consumed over a set time period.

Simple, transparent pricing

Only ever pay for the data you use

Whether you’re connecting cellular devices over 2G, 3G, 4G LTE or Cat-M1, we believe that you should only ever be charged for the data that you actually consume.

Pooled Data

We aggregate all the data used by your devices and simply change based on the number of MBs consumed across your entire network.

Pay as you go pricing

There are no long-term contracts or minimum data usage quotas – just pay for the data you actually need.

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Nice to know: At Soracom we’re always negotiating better rates with mobile operators and offer built-in volume discounts for customers who are growing at scale.

Made for developers

Convert IoT data with code or console

You can reduce costs by converting data in our easy-to-use Console, or via API using a command-line interface.

However you prefer to manage your data, Soracom has you covered.

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IoT Management console
Soracom API


Even if your low-power device supports only HTTP, you can still deliver HTTPS to cloud services in Soracom without setting up any relay servers or SDKs on the actual hardware.

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Direct cloud integrations

Send optimized IoT data to the cloud

Direct integrations with leading cloud service platforms like AWS, GCP, and Azure make it easy to send optimized data to the cloud.

Totally secure

No need to store passwords, SDKs, or software agents on devices; minimal setup and in-field maintenance.

Totally secure

Credentials and keys stay in the cloud to limit security risk even if in-field devices are breached.


Accessing Your Devices Remotely

Carry out maintenance and debug remotely – without setting up any relay servers or installing agent software on the actual hardware.

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