Soracom Virtual Private Gateway (VPG)

Flexible private networking for IoT

What is a Virtual Private Gateway?

A Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) is a dedicated network environment within Soracom that’s just for your devices. It unlocks private networking and customization features that give you more granular control over the traffic between your devices and your cloud.

  • Make the public internet optional by only allowing private communication to your servers
  • Enable bi-directional communication between your servers and devices
  • Enable device-to-device communication
  • Create an outbound filter so that your devices can only reach certain IP addresses

The Soracom VPG provides access to a number of different services, all of which enhance data security while giving IoT developers new operational functionality:

  • Soracom Canal: Peer your VPG directly to AWS with VPC Peering
  • Soracom Door: Create a VPN between your VPG and backend
  • Soracom Direct: Deploy a physical leased line between VPG and your systems
  • Soracom Junction: Perform deep packet inspection and analysis

Ultimate Project Security

Each IoT device you connect to your VPG can access the private network without being exposed to the public Internet — or without configuring firewalls.

Ultimate Project Security

The result: a closed-off and completely protected private network that smoothly integrates with your other Soracom services.

A closed-off and completely protected private network that smoothly integrates with your other Soracom services

Increased Capability and Lower Cost

Soracom VPGs are available in several different Type designations to support varying IoT project needs. The VPG Type determines which options or services are available. Depending on your needs, you might choose a more full-featured or more streamlined VPG to balance capability and cost.

Soracom’s Type-F VPG provides the most complete set of features for networking, traffic control, and packet management. For applications where certain private networking capabilities are not required, the Type-E VPG provides the most commonly used VPG features at a significantly lower cost.

As of July 15 2020, Type-C VPGs have been superseded by the new Type-F VPG, which provides improved functionality at the same cost. Type-D VPGs have been discontinued as the newer Type-F VPGs provide identical functionality at a reduced cost.

For complete technical details, documentation, and Type descriptions, see the Soracom Developer Site.

Scaling Made Simple

Integrating your VPG with Soracom Gate enables device-to-private network and device-to-device data transfer, so you can keep devices performing at their best without any need for relay servers. Because your host and devices are in the same subnet, they can communicate using private IP addresses without NAT or firewall restrictions.

Total Network Control

Total Network Control

Virtual Private Gateways give you access to Soracom Junction. Inspect every packet and redirect or mirror traffic for maximum security, insight, and flexibility.

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