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A direct connection between your IoT devices and the cloud

With Soracom’s IoT cloud adapter, Soracom Funnel, any data captured from sensors on your hardware is ingested automatically by your preferred cloud service – including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure – without any relay server, SDK installation, or on-device credentials required.

Read Soracom Funnel Developer Docs A direct connection between your IoT devices and the cloud

Transmitting data from your IoT device directly into your cloud platform can be a game-changer for M2M applications, significantly reducing reliance on 3rd-party APIs or scripts and helping to lower IoT data consumption.

Soracom Funnel is a simple, frictionless application works with virtually any IoT device and supports the following cloud services: 

  • AWS IoT
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Amazon Kinesis Firehouse
  • Microsoft Azure Event Hubs
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Need a specific cloud adapter? We’re happy to consider additional cloud services. To set up a call with our team of IoT experts, contact us now!

The Easy Way to Transmit Data From Your IoT Devices to the Cloud

Without a platform like Soracom that has a built-in cloud adapter service, connecting devices to cloud services securely involves extra security measures, additional development resources, and impacts minimum requirements for hardware specifications. 

Cloud connections will usually leverage a combination of relay servers that live on the public internet, installing a device-side SDK, or encrypting data at the device level. Doing it right takes more time, more code, more processing power, more energy consumption, and more data usage. 

But with Soracom, all of those challenges disappear. Data is captured by your IoT devices, transmitted securely over Soracom’s core cellular network, and ingested automatically by any of the leading cloud platforms. Setting everything up is quick and easy, reducing development overheads and speeding up time to market.

The Soracom platform can route data from your devices that connect via Soracom Air (our global IoT cellular service) or Soracom Arc (a service for non-cellular devices to connect to the platform securely) to a predefined endpoint for automatic ingestion by your preferred cloud service. No public internet-facing relay server, SDK installation, or on-device credentials are required.

Transmit data using lightweight and legacy protocols without making compromises 

Because the connection between your device and the Soracom platform is already secured, you can use lighter HTTP, TCP, and UDP protocols and backward compatibility for legacy devices that might be using SMS or USSD. Soracom will automatically convert traffic to secure protocols for delivery to your cloud, reducing the total power and bandwidth requirements of your deployed devices. 

In some cases, cloud providers may specifically block lightweight protocols like HTTP, TCP, or UDP, which can severely impact your data usage or power consumption budget. This route can reduce your monthly data fees without compromising security or performance and drastically extend the operational life of battery-powered devices. 

Programmable Access Points 

Because you can set the Funnel endpoint as the destination for device data, you can manage connections for any device or group directly through the Soracom console or API. 

When you’re ready to switch from test to production, you just need to send a command. No need to reset individual devices. 

Soracom Funnel Business Cases

There are several benefits Soracom Funnel provides for IoT use cases:

Simple Application Updates 

Re-route traffic from devices or change integrations without pushing new firmware to devices 

Enhanced IoT Security 

Credentials and keys stay in the cloud to limit security risk even if in-field devices are breached.

Streamlined Cloud Integration 

Connect to leading cloud services, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, without storing SDKs or credentials on devices. 

Soracom Funnel Developer Guides

Soracom Funnel Developer Documentation

Getting Started With Soracom Funnel

No two IoT projects are the same, and our team of IoT experts is on hand to learn more about the project you’re building and to see if Soracom Funnel could help. Get in touch with us today to discuss what it is you’re working on.

Alternatively, you can create your free Soracom account now and start setting it up yourself without the need to speak with us or read our Soracom Funnel Developer Docs for more detailed information.