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IoT Protocol Conversion

Reduce data cost, increase security and power performance

Use less data, get more control

For low-power, low-memory devices, every bit counts.
SORACOM Beam reduces data and power needs related to encryption, allows connection to your cloud without relay servers or SDKs, and supports certificate management for your entire IoT/M2M fleet.

And even if your low-power device supports only HTTP, Beam still lets you deliver HTTPS to cloud services as required.

  • Reduce power, bandwidth and memory use
  • Connect securely to your cloud of choice
  • Manage credentials at scale

What does Beam solve?

Protocol Conversion

Reduce cost of data and power usage while maintaining encryption at every step between device and cloud.

Device Management

Set and change device credentials and destination servers on the fly via console or API.

Cloud Connection

Connect to leading cloud services, including AWS and Google Cloud Platform, without storing SDKs or credentials on devices

How it Works

Encryption headers can increase data and power needs by as much as 80%. But IoT and M2M devices connected with SORACOM Air can send data over the closed cellular network to Beam for encryption and delivery using Transport Layer Security.

Data stays safe, batteries last longer, and you pay less for connectivity.•Encryption supported for: HTTP, MQTT, TCP and UDP•Certificates and endpoints managed in the cloud•MQTT integrations for AWSGoogle Cloud PlatformIBM WatsonPubNub and more

SORACOM Beam Diagram

Configure deployments at scale

The more you scale, the more you’ll appreciate the ability to automate device settings like endpoints and certificates. Use the web console or API to group devices and specify or change destinations and credentials on the fly.

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