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Soracom Cellular IoT for Wildlife Management

You may not know Martha Zimet’s name, but if you’re reading this on a mobile device there’s a good chance that you’ve benefited from her work. Over the course of a 30 year career in Silicon Valley, she developed embedded systems for companies like Nokia and Pixar, and she shares credit for key patents related […]

Arduino MKR GSM 1400: Cellular IoT data visualisation with Soracom IoT SIM + Soracom Harvest

As IoT progresses, we see more and more developers taking advantage of ready-made boards that include everything from processing units to wireless connectivity modules.     One such board is Arduino’s recently released MKR GSM 1400, based on the popular Arduino MKR family. The board includes a Cortex-M0+ 32Bits micro-controller, USB Serial port for development […]

Connecting AWS DeepLens with 3G/LTE and Soracom

AWS DeepLens plus Soracom IoT SIM   AWS DeepLens was first announced at AWS re:Invent 2017, and it’s been a long 6 months of waiting, but shipping day is here at last. Here at Soracom that means at least half the team is obsessively checking tracking updates and canceling weekend plans. For those new to […]

Remotely control cloud-enabled Christmas tree lights with cellular IoT

Xmas Special   Christmas is a time for connection, and since we’re always looking for ways to connect we sat down with our friends at Station F and FOCUS x UsineIO to come up with some new IoT use cases for the holiday. First up, the IoT Christmas Tree! The classic Christmas tree string light […]

IoT Cellular connectivity on Raspberry Pi and Linux devices – a beginner’s guide

When getting started with IoT, a lot of people begin with a look into Raspberry Pi or a Linux-capable device such as, for example, Orange Pi, Beaglebone, or Intel Edison. Raspberry Pi using Cellular Dongles   After the initial prototyping phase, it can be very good to add an un-tethered connection to your Linux-capable device. […]

LEGO EV3 and Soracom – Connecting robotics to the Cloud

Getting started with robotics has never been easier. The challenge now is that with with so many options available, each seemingly more costly and complicated, it can be hard to decide how to take the first step. Enter LEGO’s vision of Robotics (and by extention STEM learning): LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Cellular connected LEGO EV3 kit […]

IoT 101: Get started easily and scale quickly with the Soracom Platform

Even for cloud-fluent developers, building for IoT can present a new kind of challenge. The Soracom platform is designed to make getting started easy and to scale as you do, with more advanced services available once you’re connected.   Where it all starts   From basic connectivity to advanced cloud integration, our philosophy carries across […]