Soracom IoT Now Sends Data Directly From Devices to AWS IoT


The SORACOM Funnel cloud resource adapter, which transfers data directly from devices to a user’s preferred cloud services, has added a new capability specifically designed for AWS IoT.


Devices connected with SORACOM Funnel can now send data directly to AWS IoT using a simple protocol (TCP/UDP packet transmission / HTTP POST method), providing access to AWS IoT’s powerful rules engine, which transforms inbound device messages for delivery to other devices, cloud services, or AWS endpoints as needed based on user-defined business rules.

As an example, users connected with SORACOM Air can now use SORACOM Funnel to save RAW data in DynamoDB, process with Lambda, or send mail via SNS depending on conditions and requirements.

As an example, you can see below a request and response when Raspberry Pi sets a USB dongle and sends data via HTTP.

For complete details and instructions, please refer to the Soracom Developer Guide for AWS IoT.

We will continue to add new capabilities to SORACOM Funnel, so please let us know what you would like to see next!


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