What We Learned Using Smart Connectivity to Monitor 45,000 Connected Kiosks – CiC Episode 10

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In This Episode – “What I Learned Building a Connected Empire of Smart Kiosks” with Eric Hoersten

This week, we’re talking with Eric Hoersten of Banyan Hills Technologies. As someone whose career started just as the internet as we know it was beginning to take shape, connectivity has always been a core aspect of the technological solutions with which he’s been involved. 

Eric learned a lot about the complexities of managing large connected fleets as Vice President of Information Technology during the early years of pioneering video rental kiosks giant, Redbox. Now as the Chief Product Officer at Banyan Hills, he is helping companies leverage custom software solutions and technical expertise to build effective automation around their own fleets of connected devices and the operations teams that manage them.

The Redbox automated kiosk experience leveraged early cellular technology to deploy and manage over 45,000 locations across the US. Eric shares what it was like building out the technology stack that supported this fleet from the ground up, with the aim to centrally manage their own systems and data.

What I think you’ll enjoy about this conversation is the opportunity we had to examine how Eric’s experience has provided unique insights that have been baked into the software platforms that he and his team at Banyan Hills are currently creating. Learn how his background is helping to shape the path for companies looking to make life easier for their internal teams that support large fleets of connected services.

So kick back and let the nostalgia wash over you as we revisit the pre-streaming years when a trip to your local McDonald’s was just as likely to involve renting a DVD at large red internet-connected kiosks as it was to buy a cheeseburger and fries. Learn how working from the ground up continues to influence the smart devices of the modern day, and get a sense of how early connected technologies compare to the solutions currently being deployed.

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